Born to Win!

Hi everyone! I want to tell you about a new radio program called “Born to Win!”

It has been a while since I have posted. I have appreciated the love and wisdom shared over the past months here! I am letting you all know that I have been asked to do an hour long radio call in program over the internet on a weekly basis. This will be a program on the God Discussion Show, where numerous spiritual viewpoints are brought forward. I have been asked to present the conservative Christian viewpoint and bring it to the table of a mostly non-believing audience! This is exciting because where better to shine the light, than in the darkness?

“Born to Win!” will air live on internet radio. To listen in and/or call in with questions or comments, dial 1-914-338-0452 and listen. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, simply press “1” on your phone pad and I will know to add you to the program!

Please pray, if you cannot join. This week I will be sharing my “Spiritual Journey With Christ” to introduce listeners to who I am and where I am coming from. The show will be hosted by me, Timothy Luke….

What do YOU think?



  1. childofjesus says:

    I will pray for you, and that God may use this program to bring light in the darkness. God Bless u.

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Thank you so much!

      It is so important that we follow the path of Christ and love everyone… even when they do not love us in return. People NEED that love so much, because the love of the world can only go so deep… “Love your enemies (those who are set against you – not you against them) for if you love them that love you only, even the publicans (not republicans) do that!”

      This can be a great meeting place for believers to shine the light!

    • Timothy Luke says:

      A Spiritual Journey in Christ (Thursday, February 7) Join Timothy Luke as he kicks off his new God Discussion radio show, “Born to Win!” The topic for the evening will be an introduction to the program as Timothy shares his story of seeking God from childhood. You won’t want to miss this as he shares some of the wounds he received in his church life and how he learned to forgive and go forward in his faith, even receiving Divine healing along the way! Timothy Luke earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology in 1984. Since then, he has been growing in his Christian faith. Star bulletShow Time: Tuesday night, February 7, 2013, 6 Pacific / 7 Mountain / 8 Central / 9 Eastern / GMT=Friday, February 8 @ 2 AM (Additional time conversions at the World Time Server). Star bulletCall-In Number: 914-338-0452 or toll-free, 888-238-8529 (or, when show is live, simply push the SKYPE button that appears on the show page.) Star bulletTo hear the show live and participate in the web-based chat room: (The page lists the show as 90 minutes — Timothy’s show is actually 1 hour, but extra time was added in case the discussion goes over 60 minutes.) Star bulletHow it works … When you visit the show page (linked immediately above), the podcast will automatically play out of your computer speakers when it is live. A SKYPE button will also appear that you can simply press and connect with the host (if you have SKYPE, that is). A web-based chatroom will be running contemporaneously with the show, where you can post questions and comments. Star bulletUpcoming shows: Look at the events at the top of this page or visit our “At-A-Glance” calendar. To find out more, click and follow the trail!

  2. Timothy Luke says:

    Just want to let you know you I am looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you live. I will also be able to do interviews, so if you have ideas of people and testimonies, I will be glad to hear them. You may PM me if you feel it affects someone else’s privacy.

    “Born to Win!” is on live at 10-11pm Eastern Time (New York City).

    Thanks again,
    Timothy Luke

    Show Info is found here:

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