Born Again Experiance

The Salvation Experience

A thought occurred to me today and I found myself asking some of the Christians I know about their salvation experiance..

Their Born Again moment; the experiance that they became Born Again.

As short of an answer as possible and not utilizing scripture. I’m more interested in a experiential answer from you,- not opinion or debate.

Speaking for myself; I was Born Again in December of 1982 – I can very clearly remember a physical change and can describe it in detail. Can You?

Again – a short answer. I’m not looking for the right answer, just that moment (or period) and the experience in and of itself.

I’m Grateful for your response – God Bless

What do YOU think?



  1. lookinforacity says:

    Hi Huck

    Saved in Oct. 1969, didn’t know there was such a thing in the Christian experience, then “Yes” April 1971, when it happened I definitely knew it, speaking in tongues as evidence, things changed within me, and I knew it, but couldn’t tell anyone what had changed. People never talked about this, or taught that there was more for a Christian to get after they received salvation, ie. the Born Again experience. I didn’t know what had happened until yrs. later, as the Holy Spirit revealed the experience to me through his word. Then things made sense. There was a big OOOOOK .

    Be Blessed

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