Borderline Personality Disorder Mimics Demonic Possession

     Borderline personality disorder is a phrase that psychologists and psychiatrists are quick to put on patients. This label can not only be incredibly damaging to the patient, but also extremely limiting. Spiritual aspects of disease and illness is rarely taken into consideration and this is a major oversight in allopathic and mental health fields of medicine. 

     The causes of borderline personality disorder, here forth called BPD, are usually found in people who had extremely traumatizing upbringings like physical and sexual abuse. Often the patient suffered physical and/or emotional abandonment that caused a deep seated grief which pervades the life of the person. The person has a skewed sense of self and the emotional life is extremely chaotic causing unstable behavior like raging, stalking, and fighting. The person will often go to extremes to avoid any kind of sense of abandonment, trying to prevent themselves from feeling the deep pain that lies within. Oddly enough, these symptoms also coincide with a very serious spiritual disorder: demonic possession.

     The abandonment they feel often goes deeper than just abandonment for other people; they feel that God has abandoned them too and often may not even believe in God due to the amount of pain they experience. This symptom is a tell-tale sign that someone may be demonically possessed. Since when do demons like God? 

     The conflict inside between what the patient wants to happen in their life and what actually happens describes both BPD and demonic possession. The inability to manifest their desires is very common in people suffering with evil problems. 

     Love is also mismanaged; what they think is love is really an illusion based on their sense of lack. Although this illusion is a religious theology, it is in the mind of BPD something quite real as the person idealizes someone into someone they usually are not. They will swing back and forth between loving someone and hating them, based on how they feel in relation to a person. This is a projection based on their sense of inadequacy, and if this love is not matched and returned or their expectations are not met, they can become rageful and even violent.

     Usually it is because they feel such an enormous pain from the other, that the coping mechanism is to act out. This is typically behavior you will find also in someone who is demonically possessed. When their loved one is there, they may hate them. But as soon as they go away, there is a sense of love and longing. This is exactly like BPD.

     As you can imagine, suicidal ideation, or the constant thought of suicide, is quite common in these patients. As you can imagine, in a severe case, demons will often try to persuade a person to commit suicide. The sense of hopelessness in both BPD patients and those suffering with demonic possession are equivalent to that of a total existential crisis upon which the entire foundation of life is filtered through; life is a terrible and endlessly painful experience.

     A person diagnosed with borderline personality disorder has extremely rocky relationships, most likely due to the traumatized state of mind that can never be satisfied. As a result, intimacy issues develop which only add to the emptiness within. Again, this mimics exactly the outward symptoms of demonic possession. Both people with demonic possession and BPD will find themselves plagued with obsessive thought patterns and constantly fighting to oppose their addictions. Constantly an outward search is underway for that someone or something to alleviate the pain, but this search often ends up only driving a deeper hole in their heart. 

     In both scenarios the sense of powerlessness and trauma of yet another thing going wrong in life only adds layer upon layer to the almost inconsolable grief. The imbalance and lack of healthy emotional expression often drives the people close to them away and contributes to the uncontrollable rage and violence that you often find them expressing instead. The nature of demons is to destroy all the love and good things in ones life and one who is possessed will often find themselves alone, or isolating themselves so as not to have to feel the pain.

     Obviously, the similarities between borderline personality disorder and demonic possession are too many to be overlooked. I strongly feel that before a lable such as BPD is placed on someone, that spiritual aspects be considered first and foremost. In my experience with spiritual matters, BPD is in fact caused by demonic possession and is not merely a by-product. 


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  1. Hello, thanks fot this articel. If a person have bpd, what must this person do, to get free of demons, and be healed?…My brother commited sucide, he has bpd. And i know other people…with this. I come from the netherlands, sorry my english is not very good…Is there a special peayer for this?..Ans what kind of demons are in the person…I read the article, with google translate..sometimes, words are not exactly…and i dont unserstand…God bless you…

    • Glenis Goldsmith says:

      Hi Sharon,
      thank you for your reply. You want to know what this person has to do to be free from demons and be healed.
      First of all he/she needs to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, repent, be baptised for the remission of your sins and receive the gift of the Holy-Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues ( Gods language) Acts 2:38,39) Then a new life begins and if not delivered after that , then the demon of BPD needs to be cast out. But please do not under any circumstance do a deliverance on someone who is not Born-Again because once delivered and when they go back into sin, they can bring more with them and repossess them making them worse than before as it says in Gods Word.
      I pray the spirit of Truth , will lead and guide you in understanding and increased knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, leading to Godly Wisdom. I look forward to hearing back from you and all God is doing in your life.
      God bless you always. Glenis

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