Blessings through Fasting – Stella Kimani

Dear Michael,

After reading your article and also reading Derek Prince book on how to Fast Successfully, I decided to start fasting first because I wanted to get closer to God and to know his will in my life and also because I wanted to intercede on behalf of my husband and daughter who are not saved. I have been fasting since Tuesday and even though on the second day I was about ready to give up, the headache was so intense, I felt dizzy and thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, but when I got home from work I lay down on my
bed and prayed to the Lord to strenghten me I rebuked the devil and told him to leave me alone coz I was not about to quit. I am still on my fast and I feel so strong at the moment the headache is gone and when I am having my quiet time God’s presence is so strong in my room and his light shines so strongly, it is almost blinding. I feel the fire spread right through my body and it is as though is hand is on my head blessing me as I pray. I have been humbled and overjoyed by this experience and I will continue with my fast for as long as I can. Please pray with me that I might see God’s face and be in perfect tune with his will for me.

Also pray that my two loved ones might open the eyes of their heart and let Jesus into their hearts. May God bless you abundantly as you continue to minister to his people. In Jesus, Stella


Stella Kimani

P O BOX 30261, Nairobi.

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  1. I’m a high school student and i’m a follower of Jesus Christ and lately if been fasting periodaclly. I’ve started fasting like two years ago when i wanted the lord to help me in time of trouble so ever since i’ve tried to fast once every week to stay close to the Lord. So yesterday i had this i don;t know how to describe it voice or maybe it was a feeling to fast tommorow. Which is today monday so i am. I just want you whoever you are that reads this to pray that God shows me or reavels to me what he wants to. Thank you and God Bless You……

  2. Dear Stella,

    I am very encouraged by your testimony! I too have started to fast, since i need to get closer to God, know the God´s will for my family and I and for all my lost friends and relatives. My heart goes out to the lost and i yearn to have revival in our church, Hude, Germany. We need a spiritual breakthrough. I started fasting yesterday, Saturday, 14 February and made it to the evening when i broke it off thinking it is better to start on a Monday. Then last night my husband started throwing up and is all of a sudden sick with a stomach bug. I woke up this morning more determined then ever! That was just a sign that i am heading in the right direction. I give God all the glory and pray for strength (please pray for me). I also have 2 little kids and i know God gives me the grace to be patient. I have never wanted anything so bad in my life as to make it through and depend on God AS NEVER BEFORE. Use me Jesus among the German people (I am from South Africa). Bring a flame of your FIre and breakthrough, in Jesus Name.
    The website here is amazing and i have been very encouraged!
    In Jesus might name and blessings.

    • I have heard many, many testimonies of people having great success with the “Esther fast”. (Three days fast with no food or water.) But I am also aware that their are many, many forms of fasting.

  3. Gods sunflower says:

    May God continue to bless you in your fast. This really encourge me, I usually would fast for 1/2 day on Wednesdays, and I truly wanted to fast for a week, because of my spritually needs, but each time I tried to do it, hunger would be so intense and my head would hurt and I would feel really weak, but your testimony has encourage me, and next week by God’s grace I will fast for 7 days w/ God’s help, because my need is great.

    Thank you.

  4. Sashan_Hamilton says:

    Amen, i pray the power of the Holy Spirit will continue to strengthen you as you faste.

    My fasting was very spiritually enlightening also, at one point i did feel an evil presents try to discourage and affect me…but i rebuked it in the name of Jesus.

    I did/do feel closer to my spirit and know i am still going through a transition of some kind. I feel less burdened and lighter since, and i feel as though i am open and waiting for God to use me.

    I pray the Lord will have his way in all our lives ALWAYS.

    In Jesus name, amen!

    bless us all x x x x

  5. chica_miel says:

    Wow, that was a good testimony. I am going to try fasting soon to seek God’s will for my life and also about some things I’ve been wondering about.


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