I met a angel face down on a dirty nightclub bathroom floor !

I am a living walking breathing testimony of how GOD can change a life
they say the things you go through in life can either be put to Glorify and use as a testimony on How GOD changes a sinner to Saved , and i have been through the fire and flood in many areas in my past . From Excepting Jesus as personal savior in 1984 and going through extreme abuse , that only led to anger and running away from him like a hurt little child that was throwing a tantrum. but GOD was always there even when i chose to run from him , turned to alcohol , drugs and nightclubs , to the darkest things like the tarot , even W.i.C.C.A .

the more i ran from Jesus the more it became worse
sick from the alcohol and the pot
tired of the night life and
the things i reached for in the darkness were all a Lie !

untill one day i was working at a night club in NY
and i had 17 shots of alcohol of Sam Bucca a 90% alcohol licorice wiskey
and got very sick and went to the ladies room
i was on my hands and knees shaking and i fell asleep ! in that dirty bathroom and layed there 2 days noone noticed when the bar closed !

woke up on a sunday and my hair was soked in vomit
face down sick and pale a man knocked on the door
” he was a black gentelman and dressed in cleaning clothes
he asked me ” child do you know what day this is ?”
i said friday? ” he said no dear its sunday !” i stopped in to clean the bathrooms and i heard you moaning ” i saked him ” i need to get home my house is 3 blocks away i dont have much money though ”
He smiled and walked me stumbling to a silver limo , i was so sick i just let him take me home , he dropped me off and i thanked him
” he said ” Dear child God didnt create you to lie face down on the bathroom floor ” your a child of the KING ! HE has so much better for your life ”
and in the next few days i had come off the alchohol
and went back to the bar to thank him
the owner imformed me ” we dont have a cleaner in this bar ” “your looking at him ” he laughed

the man was never found
and noone ever seen a silver limo

After that encounter with him
i began to change my life around
left NY moved back with my parents
in time slowly i regained my health
stopped drinking and stopped working at the night clubs

what i am trying to say to those who live the wild life
you will find someday those things of the world that
you think are so wonderfull
will eventually bring you face down on the dirty floor of a bathroom
smelling like vomit

and i believe that night
i was visited by a angel
to let me know GOD loves me
and wants a better life for me

i thought working in a night club was cool
free alcohol
all the attention
when i could have died from alcohol poisioning !
on that dirty floor alone
but GOD seen me on that floor
and he loved me enough to send that black man , angel ? to
help me

NOTHING is too hard for GOD

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