Be ready for persecution under Barack Obama

My wife doesn’t follow American news or politics. A couple of nights ago she had a prophetic dream in which she met Barack Obama. In the dream she shook his hand hoping to impart the Holy Spirit to him somehow, but she was almost overcome by a very strong controlling demonic power at that time. It seems that Obama has power from Satan to charm people, and that any words he speaks about God are insincere. His god is not our God, the God of the Bible. He is as much a muslim as he is a Christian. But if you want his words on the subject, religion is just something that should “bring us all together” presumably under the benevolent dictatorship of Obama himself. But I digress.

Later on in my wife’s dream, after the inauguration sometime, police were unleashed upon the people and people were told that they must worship only the police.

Get ready people. If you do your research on the internet you will release that Barack Obama, while being a very charismatic leader, is militantly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. He proposes public funding for abortion without any real conditions. He is getting Gene Robinson, the so-called bishop of New Hampshire in the apostate Episcopalian church to lead prayers at his inauguration. See . So we can see that the Spirit of Holiness has no place in the heart of Obama. This is nothing new – I’m not sure that America has had any truly godly presidents in the last 100 years. I suppose only God knows that for sure, but the evidence seems strong enough to me in that direction.

Not everyone realises that Obama was brought up as a muslim for many years in Indonesia. Its interesting who Obama is getting from the muslim camp to pray prayers at his inauguration. See

It would not be SO bad if Obama was ONLY an ardent advocate of murdering unwanted unborn babies, or if he was MERELY a militant advocate of homosexual activists. These are the kind of things you expect from the Democrat party anyway, just as you would expect warmongering and fascism from the Republican party. It does concern me that he will honor someone who seems to have ties to Hamas. But the thing that concerns me most is this: Obama has also promised to create a domestic “security” force at least as well funded and powerful as the US military. See the video clip above if you don’t believe me. Does this remind you of Hitler’s brownshirts, or East German Stasi informants? If you are a younger reader you may be as yet unaware of some of the history of the 20th century and the kinds of things people can fall for, but if you are over 35 you probably have some idea of it. Domestic security forces are generally associated with tyranny and repression. Well paid domestic security people have to keep busy somehow – they usually do so by harrassing people they don’t like, or who don’t like the Government. After all, there are only so many terrorists that a massive domestic spy network can watch every year.

As God’s judgments accelerate over the USA, as more and more are unemployed, presumably it will be quite easy to recruit people to spy on their neighbors and create a kind of internal terror network to keep the population in fear and slavery to the State. Thanks to George W. Bush and the phony war on terror, there are now no laws left in the USA that can really protect its citizens from government abuse. Habeus corpus has been abolished, you don’t have a right to face your accusers, the government can now spy on you in your home with impunity, soon your right to bear arms will be denied also. I believe that Barak Obama will build on the foundation started by Bush in turning North America progressively into a Police State.

The US Federal government and its agencies will most likely become very much more powerful and abusive and their power will be most likely be consolidated in many ways, just as they were under the Bush Administration. On the economic front, I’d say the Government will probably have a majority share in the banks by the year end the way things are going. They will be able to control housing and loans pretty much. We are being told to expect major disasters and it wouldn’t be surprised if the forces of evil unleash some kind of terrorist attack on US soil soon, so as to scare people into submission to tyranny. Its the oldest political trick in the book.

Its not going to be easy in the years ahead for anyone who wants to truly live a godly life in Christ Jesus, and speak up for truth. I don’t think you’ll be able to preach publicly what the Bible says about homosexuality, for example, and keep your church assets, or stay out of prison yourself.

So get ready. Pray like you haven’t prayed before, and get into God’s Word, lest you too be led away with the error of the wicked. The Bible indicates that in the last days only a remnant will be truly faithful to God. The rest will follow the Antichrist. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama has a good measure of the antichrist spirit in him. So be warned.

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