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Breaking up is hard to do. Even when one has to break up with a non-believer. He’s a great person, just doesn’t want anything to do with God, or Jesus. Oh, and he says Religion and Christianity are the same thing. How could I have allowed my emotions to get wrapped into this person? I don’t know, which is the disturbing part. I can only guess that I could be a witness to him. I think it’s called missionary dating. I didn’t’ do a good job because in the end, I was left with a broken heart, guilt and anger for having a sexual relationship with him, but most of all, my disobedience towards God. I actually began to tell myself that God would change his heart, and then we could be together. Why would God finish something He was not in, or did not start? Now, a week after I broke up with this guy, I miss him and want to call him. I don’t know and fear that I won’t get married, so I’ve been settling with the wrong guys. I hold onto bad relationships because I don’t want to be alone. I know it’s wrong, but why do I find myself in the same situation?

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  1. blessed says:

    Dating non-believer is a common thing or mistakes to do for some christians believing/thinking that in the process of dating he will change or come to know God. For some people this worked out, but mostly, it failed coz first of all, there’s no common ground as to belief is concerned.
    Dont be hard on yourself. Learn to forgive yourself and move on. You’re now in a process of grieving as you lost him but it will come to a phase that you will move on and be glad that you broke up with him. Do your best to shift your mind and do something else or make yourself busy whenever you think of him and miss him. Try also to look in your relationship and walk with God. Im sure God forgives you, so forgive yourself also:-). I know that it may sound easy to say, but i’ve been there so i know how it feels:-).
    Im not sure how old you 33, still single and like you, I dated non-believers. Dont fear of not getting married and continue to seek God. I can only say to Trust God and continue with your walk with HIM. There are times that I just want to get married and marry any guy who’d want to marry me, but, thankfully, my faith in God is more important and whenever im having the fear like you, I tune myself to God more, seek Him more and make myself busy…
    We are only responsible for ourselves, we do our own decisions either friends and family give some advice not unless you belong to some group where you cant make your own decisions. I live in a muslim country and i’ve seen people who cant make their own decisions as family have to decide for them. So, free decision making is a blessings that we often take for granted.
    You may want to seek counsel in your church or some counselling will help as to why you keep on making the same thing over and times there are hidden areas as to why this happens.
    I cant really express more as im in the office and my time is restricted, hopefully, sharing with one another here on this site will help us become blessings with each other:-).

    God bless,

    • michael says:

      I imagine that this is one of the toughest tests for young Christian girls. I have seen many girls lose their faith over this issue, so – spirit – thank God you are seeking the Lord and there has been a break up.

      You need to break the soul tie you have created with this man, or he’ll keep coming up in your imagination and thoughts.

      You can say, “In the name of Jesus I renounce this relationship with ‘X’ and I break the soul tie with him. I break any connection this man has in my soul and any invitation for evil spirits to harrass me as a result, in the name of Jesus. The blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin. Thank you Father.”

      Do this in the presence of God so you can be free.

      I know some wonderful girls that didn’t get married even in their 30s, and its a tough thing. But God promises that with every temptation he makes a way of escape. Pray that the Lord show you the way of escape.

      God can minister deeply to you by His Spirit if you trust and worship Him. A Christian woman who worships God from the heart is spiritually attractive and men notice that also. It is an attractiveness that will attract a godly man who loves the Lord, which is the kind of person you want in your life.

    • Hi Imee~
      Thanks for you love and for the wonderful advice! God bless!

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