back where I started…almost?

Ok, I have received lots of support and good advice here before, I am in need again.

I am dabbling with chewing tobacco again. Nasty stuff, I know the Lord doesn’t want me doing that. My wife is all depressed. There has been sickness of one form or another in my family for I don’t know how long now. One of us gets a cold or cough or stomach flu and then the next, a vicious circle. Now I have a mole or wart or something like that giving me fits, guess I’m gonna have to get it removed, and that’s scary.

I am weary, my wife is weary. I keep trying to read the word, and get my wife to cheer up. I say things like the word will help us and try to initiate things like reading it to one another. She just seems to insist on being down.

No matter how hard I try I feel like were slipping further away from God, bit by bit, slowly but surely. I don’t like feeling that way.

So…any advice or prayers you can offer?

What do YOU think?


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