Prayer for Relationship

I have been away for a while. Seeking God, praying and really trying to walk in obedience to him.

My divorce papers have finally come through after 2 long years. It is not what I wanted but I could not stop my husband from seeing the other woman. I know God is working in me and healing me and he has even got me into a new church where I am in a support group for divorcees. God is good and he has shown me that I needed to be on my own for a while while HE heals me.

Relationship Difficulties

NEVER GIVE UP. I have prayed for such a long time and I feel a breakthrough is near. God has given me words, pictures, and sentences which have bought me hope and peace – ALTHOUGH my friends doubt what I am telling them I have been told. I know that God is drawing me closer to him in my suffering and is there for my children and I. I KNOW C will return to me when the time is right. I know I have not been pure and holy as God has called me to be, but as I have now made a sincere attempt to be, I am finding that in the confession of sin and forgiveness I am finding answers to my prayers.

Urgent Prayer please

I am doubting God’s word so badly but am clinging by a thread to it. Please can you pray for me to stand strong and to BELIEVE. I am at my lowest point. I feel so much is against me at the moment and that the word God gave me is more something in my mind. I just need God to work a mighty miracle in my relationship and restore it sooner rather than later……..I am faltering….please hold me up. I need something TODAY – I cant do this anymore. I am trying to fast and maintain my prayer life, but no-one believe what I have told them will happen and now I am doubting too.

Divorce and letting go

My husband had had a 4 year affair. He is not saved. When I found out I was devastated and begged him to stay for at least 6 month without contacting the Other Woman. He stayed but did not stop seeing her. Long story short, he left me 2 years ago and has been living with her. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to restore my marriage. We are in the process of divorcing but my husband wont settle – he wants to take our home from me (and our three children) and to pay minimal child support.


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