Are you a good person?

Are You a Good Person? If good people go to heaven when they die, how good do you have to be to be good enough to go to heaven?

God has given ten commandments which reveal His standards. Ask yourself: have you ever lied about someone, even in ignorance? For example, have you ever said something even slightly untrue about your own parents – putting them down? Then you have broken the ninth commandment, "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour" and you've also broken the 5th commandment, "Honor your father and mother, that it MAY go well with you."

If you've broken these commandments, your own record is already spotted, and you are not qualified on the basis of your goodness to enter heaven. A good reputation is to be chosen above wealth, according to the Scriptures. So if you have used your tongue to destroy someone's reputation unjustly or falsely, you have done more evil to that person than if you had stolen money from them. How can a righteous God accept your record as being good enough to enter his pure dwelling place?

The seventh commandment says, "You shall not commit adultery". Have you ever had an affair with someone you are not married to? Then you have broken this holy commandment of God. How can a holy God see you as good enough to enter heaven? Perhaps you have never committed physical adultery, but have you ever looked at someone with lust and wanted to have them? Have you ever looked at pornography willingly? Then you've broken God's holy seventh commandment. Jesus said that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart (Matthew 5:28). The world may regard it as a joke, something normal, but God never. He just can't accept this kind of impurity. You will never be able to stand before God based on your own record if you've done this.

Many people not only have looked at pornography on the net, but have actually become in a sense enslaved to it, addicted to it. How can you stand before a Holy God if this is the case with you? You have disqualified yourself from entering God's fellowship based on your record.

The sixth commandmnet says not to murder, but Jesus said that if you are even angry with your brother without a cause you are guilty of this. The spirit of murder has entered you. The apostle John said that he who hates his brother is a murderer, and that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. Do you stand as a murderer before God? You may be religious.

The second commandment says not to bow down to and worship any graven image or icon. Your religion may teach you that this kind of thing puts you in touch with the divine, but God regards it as an insult that you could represent divinity by some work of a human craftsman. Likewise worshiping a man or a woman or an animal is a violation of the first of the Ten Commandments, which says, "You shall have no other gods before me".

And if you are a lover of money, not only have you violated the tenth commandment, "You shall not covet", but you have violated the first commandment right there too. Is God in second, third or fifth place for you? Then you are an idolater, and God cannot accept you unless you repent. Do not think that God will just forgive you so easily for this. It is a serious offence and you cannot make up for it by anything you do now or in the future.

If you've used the name of Jesus as a curse word, you have broken the third commandment, "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain", and God says that he will not hold such a person guiltless. Have you stolen anything?

We call people who steal thieves. Have you lied? We call people who lie, liars. God will never say that a thieving, lying, blasphemous, idol-worshiping adulterer has been good enough to enter heaven?

So what then? Ask yourself: if God was to judge you by the Ten Commandments now, would you go to Heaven or Hell? If you are like me, the answer would be hell. But there is a way out for sinners. The way was provided at great cost to God himself. There is only one way. Nothing you can do now will ever pay for your mistakes. Even if you became a perfectly loving human being it would not atone for your previous faults. God provided a solution through the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Jesus' own blood pays for your sin, and allows God to exchange your imperfect record for his perfect record.

This has been proven by the historical fact that Jesus Christ rose physically from the dead on the third day. To receive this status of a forgiven righteous person, you must give your life to God, turning away from the principle of sin, which is to resist God's Word and put your own thoughts above God's. You must trust in the sacrifice of Jesus for your forgiveness, and ask Jesus to come into your life as Lord and Savior. It is not that you must live a life of perfect obedience after that to be right with God, but you give God the right to change anything in your life. God calls you to draw near to Him daily, and to put your trust in His salvation. He will teach you and clean your heart and mind from all sin. But you can receive by faith the flawless record of Jesus Christ to your account if you surrender to Him and believe the message.

If you want to do that, talk to Jesus Christ, telling him you are sorry for going your own way without him, and thanking Him for dying in your place. Ask Him to come into your life, change your heart, and lead you from this moment on. Then daily seek to know God. This proves that your repentance was serious, and you want to be a Christian, and not a religious hypocrite.

What do YOU think?


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  1. new creature says:

    Dear “donatred”, Thank you for sharing something of your life and of your love for Lord Jesus. I will pray for you much the same way as Paul did for the Ephesian believers (Eph. 1:15-23; 3:14-21), and the Colossian believers (Col. 1:9-13). Continue to meditate on God’s word day and night and let it work silently yet powerfully (Heb. 4:12) within you. Some things that you see as normal for yourself now, will be replaced more and more for more excellent things, things of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the purpose and work of God. It is the will of God for all of us. His kingdom (righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost – Rom. 14:17) will become more and more evident in your life and also in ours as we do likewise. Peace in Jesus Christ.

    • One thing I find troubling is sometime I don’t know whether I hear Gods voice or the Devils voice. I know it may sound simplistic for those of you who hear clearly, but we all dont get it sometime. I have….even been guilty of following the devil when I thought it was God. I guess what I’ve decided is until I HEAR God’s VOICE then I’m going to disregard anything else that could be a fake. That’s all I can safely do. So my latest vow is to stop trying to follow cryptic messages from the devil or imaginations that it might it be God, because when God speaks and I HEAR his voice, I will know it’s God. I believe that’s what the bible says to do anyway. Don’t follow vain imaginations or false prophets. When you think about it, God knows how to talk to me directly I don’t need some intermediary person, computer or anything…just his voice. Iangerous result is blaming God for misinformation or wild goose chases when it’s really the devil! Watch out for those masquarading as angels of light! If God really loves me, whe know that’s his nature, he wont play games. So I’m done playing games with God. Sounds reasonable to me. Never to be luke warm, my Lord is not, he’s either hot or cold…anything else is the devil.

      • Holyroller_11 says:

        Through the years,learning to try the spirits gets easier,but only because of understanding more the way God does things,1st,God always waits til the last minute,,,but he fixes the problem,everyone is tried and tested,we all 1 time or another fail,the mountains sometimes seem to get greater in size ,the one tning I know God will flaten the mountain,if we get self out of the way,The flesh and satan are always going to fight with your spirit ,this is away to know which way is right,,,,long time ago when I not long been babtized with the HolyGhost,which was very power in deed I might add,,,,after you begin to start back focusing on everyday struggles,worries,and etc,its seems the world and satan tries to cloud you experences,and fill them with doupt,,,I wanted to here from heaven so bad ,we all like that extra pat on the head saying every thing will be all right,)so I had a small boat at the time,so I put the boat over,went to the center of the river,go on my knees and prayed and prayed, saying God ,in jesus name,sent an angel here,wherefore I can get answers for my heavy burdon on my shoulders,that was bigger than me,the waters got very rough,and dangerous,but I stayed and prayed,no matter what I needed to hear from God,,,but no answer,very defeated I finally went home,about 3 days later,1 night I when I went to sleep I fell into a vision(very unusual for me even today)A 7 foot or so angel standing directly at me,and said what you have asked for is on its way!!after that he gave me another,they lasted all night long, for days and weeks,and years ,later I would hope my prayer would be answered,2 years later it suddenly happened,praise God and from that day until now,my whole life,phisical,spiritual,finnancal,was totally changed as night into day,,,,,how bad do you want to hear from God,if your hungry ,grasp the horns of the alter and refuse to let go,I know you will hear from heaven,but more than me,He will show up at the last minute when you want to quit,pray,when your knees hurt,pray,when your kids fall asleep on the church pew waiting for you pray,,,,when your deliverence comes,as mine your joy and blessing you will not contain,,,,,Fire will fall,and tears of gladness will roll,GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST

      • barbie49701 says:

        For me I know the by the impressions of God. God is love. By understanding and knowing what love is to God I am able to discern whether a thought is from God. Also, another one that works for me is God is Good and all good things come from God. If something is evil which means to cause any type of suffering then it’s not God. God does not want us to suffer. If something a thought or an action doesn’t align with the word of God then it means it’s not of God.

  2. Thanks for letting me be a part of this website forum. I hope to have a good experience with ALL users. We know all the people of God exhibit his mercy, grace and love.

    Never before have I publicly proclaimed my reverence and appreciation for the Lord on the internet. This may seem over the top for some of you, elementary to many and even as pandering for my Lords acceptance to others, but this matters not because this the reality of my personal experience and my expression of praise for my Lord.

    First and formost I want express my gratitude and admiration of my Lord and his recent work and advocacy in certain circumstances in my life. With his grace, along with cooperation from man, we will be sucessful and he is to be glorified and honoured. Jesus had a choice to sin or not, he chose to not sin to Gods glory. My Lord surely models Himself after God the Father who is the Maker of Heaven and Earth. I know we (I) sometimes take this for granted since he is the son of God (does that make him a child of God), but recently I’m literally speechless in seeing his steadfast mirroring of God the Father as experienced in my life. Grace and peace unto him always. Since the day I met my Lord, I’ve always seen the purity shining inside. In my fraility as man… I’ve not always trusted my Lord. There have been some precarius times, to say the least and even excoriating rants out of anger and disappointment, but the reasons don’t really matter anymore…just as the east is from the west and the seasons of this world come and go so do the seasons we experience with our Lord. What really matters is our current state of heart and our view and trust of our Lord. Like I said a moment ago, I’ve ‘always’ seen a Purity of Light in my Lord that shone as radiant colours. I believe this was a sign given to me for a special reason. The brightness of this light inside my Lord fascinated me, pulled me and even as my flesh was confused in so many ways, my spirit saw truth. My vision as this spiritual discernment has resulted in me being doubted, scoffed at, ridiculed, as a basis for arguements and even me being berated for such belief. My Lord knows I’ve always stood fast in his stead against nay-sayers and the judgemental of the world. There is no shame on my Lord as he is perfect in spirit. His colour shone red as blood representing the humanity and life of natural man and most importantly, the salvation of our spiritual man and so brightly shone a light, pure white representing the perfection of God the Father that lived inside.

    This is the overflow of my heart expressing appreciation of my Lords mercy, grace, understanding and eternal acceptance. He might wince sometimes, but he doesn’t judge me as as a reprobate and shame me, but understands my human conditioin and accepts me as I am (even when change is needed), washed in the blood. That’s just one of the reasons he has my everlasting gratitude, love and appreciation. I’m of course not pandering or begging for grace or mercy, because that, mercy and grace are already part of his spiritual nature.

    I believe my Lord knows my heart, but most of all knows the weakness of flesh and how it can attack any man or woman in so many ways, even ways we don’t understand AND how it can manifest in so many forms. The flesh is weak, we should render it as dead. I interpret that, render as dead in two ways and a discussion for another day, but at least let me say that God looks on the heart of man. What he sees is through one of two lenses.
    1) Have you accepted the sacrifice of Jesus and confessed with your mouth that he is the Lord of your salvation and that you are of wicked and born into sin and want to turn from that and be a new creature, to be born again in spirit for eternal salvation and cohabitation with God the Father. or 2) not that

    The saved born again Christian’s flesh will not be in heaven and will return to dust and our new glorified body will celebrate for eternity with our born again spirit. Our wretched flesh we struggle with..and Pauls statment about hating the things he does and hating the things he doesn’t do..oh what a wretched man am I. (paraphrased ok). This is the REALITY of all men/women who are born again. It’s my experience, and it’s true that the mind that is the playground of the enemy and the mind, if not controlled by your spirit, can take you to many different places as if you are led by a noose. I personally have believed the privacy of the mind was a safe place to explore, where no one got hurt and experimental possiblities were endless and I’ve even justified my thoughts because they were alone in my head, nobody else was harmed and therefore no fornication took place. Not to debate that, but to say I NEVER acted in reality on the “things of my mind” and they, my thoughts, don’t reflect reality. I went out of my way to ensure nobody else was involved in my mental and emotional misteps. Only the devil would take that that was hidden and maliciously expose it for the sake of harm, ridicule and fun. God might, after a process defined in his word..for your own good, expose things as he sees fit, but you better ‘by God’ know it’s God telling you to do it and if you derive any pleaseure from it…I can promise you it’s not God because he grieves over it as should his children. God demanding that sort of exposure…is rare and only mentioned in one context in the bible. Does that mean thoughts that range from the “simple wrong-doing” to thoughts that are wildly unimaginable are ok…of course not, both are wrong. On the other hand are the thoughts or plans to harm a brother or sister and inflict pain on them ok as sinful thoughts ? NO. The are both of the unrenewed mind, the flesh and ‘maybe’ even the work of the devil (though the devil made me do it is way overated…the flesh is our biggest stumbling block). Driven by many things to include thoughts and emotions that I do not understand and do not want. Driven in an effort to ease the pain, some of which I don’t even know and seek a place of refuge from the stress and rigors of the world. Why do drug addicts begin and use more and more? (I’ve never been a drug addict, contrary to the belief of some people, another avenue served that purpose.) Normally addiction starts because ones emotional pain is soothed by the narcotic effects on the brain and therefore the emotions, but when the effects of pain relief on those brain/emotion centers begin to numb (because they are still messed up) then larger amounts of the substance is needed to create the same dompamine or other painkiller that they need so much. Then of course there’s just the physical dependance that aggrivates and already bad situation. I use that as an expample because it’s a much more acceptable scenario for society to comprehend than some other addictions or crutches used to generate the same type of brain chemicals that sooth the mental/emotional pains. On one hand drugs are now “accepted by society” as in…xyz celebrity has come out of rehab, bla bla bla. Unfortunatly and understandably so..other crutches are shamed and snickered to be demeaning, but are used as a crutch and more and more variation is required to give that burst of brain chemicals or dopamine that is required to feel ok. Are they different, sure just like a hamburger is different than a pizza, but both are bad for you. Please understand, I don’t condemn myself for the travels of my mind, but I don’t condone them all either. Where is the acceptable limit? Ask yourself, is your limit acceptable? Do people ‘really’ know what swirls in that noodle of yours? I would say not…for most people, I would guess 99.9999999% of them, that they have thoughts they would never ever share with someone else, even their spouse. My point, we all have thoughts that aren’t ok or at least we wouldn’t share with others. This leads to a form of lonliness that we all experience as it is rare is it a relationship where both are 100% open. Should we be judged by others on our private thoughts? No, we should remove our own log, plus by definition private thoughts… should remain private.

    I thank God for his grace and mercy lavished on those of us who, even though born again in spirit, are in our flesh emotionally damaged or disfunctional living in this world and who sometimes grasp at anything, the wrong thing to feel normal and ok.

  3. jordonrivercrosser says:

    This sounds exactly like a book I read by Andy Stanley; How Good is Good Enough?

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