Anyone knows how to interpret dreams?

Anyone knows how to interpret dreams OR any website I can go through? I do not want to end up with some gypsy sites and if this dream means anything, I would like to understand it the biblical way.

I had a dream just now and it is still fresh on my mind. The part that I recall was someone was holding a snake, a girl to be specific. It was a 4 headed snakes with 2 heads from both end. I told the girl I do not like snakes and would like to stay away. So I walked off.

I came to a scene that 2 little children were trying pour water on the ground and they seem to have difficulties. I approached them and asked what were they doing and if they needed help. They told me that the land which was 2 metres away was on fire and they were trying to put it off. So I helped. Then a man approached me and asked what were I doing. I explained I was trying to help the 2 children.

The man told me not to do it and have a good look at the so called piece of land. I had a closer look. I saw some burning incenses (joss sticks) and the one area of the land looked like grave to me (without a tomb). The man told me that I will wake the elephant up. I did not understand but I stopped what I was doing.

Suddenly a baby elephant arose from the ground and everyone was running to save themselves. The scene suddenly turned into a flood scene without rain pouring from above. Everyone just ran and ran and ran.

I quickly grab my car and drove off. The last part was I was walking on the street and saw my husband. He asked,’Where were you, I am so worried and you did not even call me!’. A friend was there and asked why I did not call my husband to tell him where I was since it is so late at night. I showed her my phone that I did call but did not get through. And I woke up.

The part that really disturb me were the 4 headed snake, elephant and flood.

Does anyone has any idea what does this mean?

What do YOU think?



  1. This may sound off the wall, but do you have blood pressure problems? I have a reason for asking.

    I always dream at night. Some dreams are more vivid than others. But, whenever I was having a blood pressure problem, the dreams were not too pleasant. I never could figure out if the dreams made my blood pressure go up, or if my blood pressure was up and caused me to have the dream. Either way, it is not fun. I remember one dream in particular. I was in a room, sitting on the floor. I don’t remember what I was doing. A couple of guys came in. They didn’t look very friendly to me. I felt that they were up to no good. One of them said, “There is a cockroach in here that needs squashing.” He raised his foot and put it on me. I knew this person was too strong for me, so I called out for my son. My voice was weak. I remember thinking that I had to holler louder than I was hollering, if I was going to get any help. Then, I woke up. I could tell that my blood pressure was up. That’s why I asked my initial question.

    Sometimes eating late at night before going to bed can cause weird dreams. So, I don’t eat just before going to bed. Stress can cause unpleasant dreams. Maybe some medication you’re taking is causing it. My Mother is taking a medication for her nerves that she has been taking for years. One of the side affects is seeing apparitions. She has seen some strange apparitions, but she has learned to deal with them. She just shines a flashlight on them and they go away.

    Things that we see and hear during the day are processed by the brain as we sleep. Some of those things can get into our dreams. Do you like watching horror movies? They are enough to make anybody have bad dreams. I never watch them. There are enough bad things going on in the world without adding that to it? Anyway, I would not put too much stock in the dreams you are having. There is always a reason for it. The LORD will help you figure it out.

  2. Joel Anil Bansode says:

    God will reveal you the meaning of your dream if it is from God. Satan will try to deceive you must be aware and put on the armor of God daily. meditate on His word daily and not in some miraculous way but bit by bit God will let you know the meaning if it has a meaning. and dont worry, God is with you.

  3. Hi Regarding your dream, i was also having very vivid dreams, so i some bought books on dreams and i began to interpret my own dreams. Then the dreams were more often, i was having 3 a night all very vivid and they were starting to come true. I was taking pieces of paper in my pocket with the events of the day that i knew was going to happen and i thought that God was telling me the future, i would walk into a situation and i knew what was going to happen. Then one day at church the pastor received some words of knowledge and he said ‘I am Jesus, i am not in your favourite book or at night in your dreams’. My dreams were from the enemy, i now i never trust my dreams unless Jesus Himself comes to me, i have learnt that if a dream makes you worry then just forget it because our Lord would never send you a message in a dream that would make you worry. If you would like to contact me; – or [email protected]

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