Annette Jo Marshall Muth

for many years now, I have explained all the illnesses I have been haunted by an expierience that happend when I was a kid. Many who have read my testimony, know that we opend a door and invited in a demon when we did a seance’ and also, ever since we moved back to utah from California, I have bean plagued with several several strang illnesses and instances, where things fell on my head! I fell out of the car at around 4-5. Then at school, fell off the trickey bars and had a concussion, had a heavy duty clock radio fall on my head, my dad dropped a steal beam on my head, he beat me up at 22 and I rolled my car at 25. When I was young, I had tonsilitis, sevearly, by the time they took them out the infection had spread to my lymph system, and I would feel good for a bit, but the Drs said it was Chrones disease and I was dieing, I didnt believe their diagnosis. finally they did an exploratory and found that the lymph nodes had grown in size and I had 50 throu out my abdominal cavity, well later was a peice of plasic left under my uterous, oh and I never mentioned this, i went crazy when I was prenant! I felt like i had talons into my shoulders and something breathing heavy on my neck. Later a tubal and galblader removed then i had an adhesion, where my stomach was attached to my lower intestines so when I stood I was litterally tearing oten my stomach, the a hysterechtomy they found that I had a disease in my uterous named Adenomyosis, And I have MS! FIBROMYALGIA! DETER ARTHRITIS! AND DEVELOPING BITS OF BI POLAR DUE TO! BRAIN DAMAGE! Some say its many things, some say its a spirit of infirmity some say I have no faith. Honestly I dont care what they say, I just want my abudant Life in our Lord! And Im heare asking fore as many to pray and help me out as possible, because we are family, and this has been my whole life people, I want it to be better!

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