In those God hath invested,
He shall not lose one;
who’re understandingly prepared to take the plunge,
and do the bidding of His Son.

For they who believe in God’s Word,
beyond a shadow of a doubt;
seek those lost in the wilderness, and help
them find the only way out.

Of they shall come an hundred, fifty
ten, or maybe just one;
gathering those that are lost, to the flock of Christ
God’s only begotten Son.

For there is more rejoicing in Heaven,
to the gathering of these ones;
than for all of those that went not astray,
from the flock that these foundlings do come.

Because the mass of God increases, as one
joins the body of Christ;
and so all in Heaven celebrate, singing
praises of sheer delight.

Light comes not from darkness,
nor does darkness come from light;
if thou art filled with the Light that the Love of God brings,
thou art truly a blessed sight.

We are all, each out of sintax,
in err, way over our head;
when we repent and believe in Jesus Christ,
it’s paid with the Blood that He shed.

CHRIST is God’s only begotten Son, and
I to Jesus have truly come;
AN, another word for being one,
and so a CHRISTIAN I’ve become.

Finders keep us,
in our Lord Jesus;
Jesus keep us,
as your reapers.

My God through Jesus Christ save us all. A-MEN.

[Extracted from the book “The Forgotten Foundling” by Christopher John Petersen.]

© by Christopher John Petersen

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  1. Chris Petersen says:

    is what we need,
    for kind men,
    have no greed;

    Brotherhood and equality,
    will set us free,
    this domineering dictators,
    cannot see.

    Peace of mind,
    is yours to be got,
    and many seek it,
    for it means a lot;

    for those who seek,
    and do not find,
    the Grail you seek,
    is your mind.

    Before you bring judgement,
    and slander and curse,
    think how you’d feel,
    if the roles were reverse?

    Discretion’s the better part of valour,
    of this you can be sure,
    as the world’s seen lots of fighting,
    do we really need any more?

    It takes two to tango,
    consider carefully what you say,
    and if agreement isn’t reached,
    then simply walk away;

    Thor’s the host of thunder,
    “Adamsapple” the forbidden fruit,
    also called the thoraxe,
    be meek and keep it mute.

    Individuals argue,
    and fight unto the end,
    let’s all be singular plural,
    and all be for A-MEN;

    Life is but a riddle,
    not meant in jest,
    but merely to find out,
    if we pass the test.

    Love thy neighbours,
    as you would have they you,
    and forgivest thee they,
    that know not what they do;

    Love is like a flower,
    the seeds of which we sow,
    and if we’re very careful,
    we’ll see it blossom and grow.

    We’re all each only fractions,
    the sum of which is one;
    let’s all join hands together,
    and see peace on Earth begun.

    May God’s blessings of Peace and Devine Love be upon you now and forever!

    [Extracted from the book “The Forgotten Foundling” by Christopher John Petersen.]

    © by Christopher John Petersen

  2. Dear Christopher, your poems are beautiful. I have noticed Shanta, Greg, Joe,Tim and many more have enjoyed them. I usually write blogs, but you rhyme beautifully. You have so much to say and this is your means of communication. I like it. Thank you for the gift of your constructed work in words. Your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette!

  3. Chris Petersen says:


    The world speaks, with many tongues,
    and sets a fearful pace;
    saying sprightly words, of lust and greed,
    come join the human-race!

    With feeble minds, they piece together,
    things that were not so;
    saying once we have, what we did not need,
    now pay the debt you owe!

    And those with talents, fully real,
    turn off the debtors gaze;
    from Golden wreaths, around their girths,
    they’ve seen their Golden days.

    And then there’s they, who cannot pay,
    they seek a gilded lot;
    who’s minders say, “Come lend from us,
    the money you’ve not got!”

    So seduced by things they do not need,
    they sign their lives away;
    for things that often, soon do fail,
    with tomorrow bread they pay.

    To these I say, “Go lead your life,
    don’t sell yourself too short;
    or the minders will make you repeat yourself,
    ’til a long life lesson’s taught.”

    And then there’s they, in a world of three,
    on wasted lands they lie;
    and with the light each morrow brings;
    of cruel neglect they die!

    What good comes from those tarnished coins,
    locked away in vaults so fast?
    is there no mercy in your heart?
    shall their next breath be their last?

    Shall our charity be a last ditch effort?
    or can we find some within us now?
    Is it a sacrifice to give what we no longer need,
    or our most prized possession we have now?

    And so you ask, “What will he do,
    this one who asks us this?”
    He’ll pray for your deliverance,
    in tears of gratitude and bliss!

    Oh God! what of thy children,
    vexed void of want to live;
    vulnerable to a worse scenario,
    thy protection to them please give.

    They confused, or very gullible,
    pump potions in their veins;
    from bottles, barbs and bhangs they fix,
    to inebriate their brains.

    Then forced by awful habits,
    do senseless acts to get;
    these stop-gap cures for ignorance,
    on evil ways they’re set.

    Oh Jesus come! and gather them up,
    these ones down on their luck;
    they want so much to understand,
    their just a little stuck.

    When will they learn, those who vilify,
    the children of thy nest;
    They cannot cheat their way through life,
    your examination test.

    God sent his only begotten son,
    with statutory declarations;
    and as foretold the false profits come,
    with farcical interpretations.

    The hypocrites who say, they speak God’s Word,
    but do not as the Commandments say;
    these blind-leaders of the blind,
    shall the uttermost farthing pay.

    Commanded, “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged”,
    yet still they point the bone;
    With one creed for, everyone else,
    and another of their own.

    The naive, shall not be judged,
    for they know not what they do;
    but those who should know better,
    what excuse is there for you?

    A good actor can play any role,
    but it’s another thing to be;
    If you bring to fruition the goodness of God,
    your fruits even the blind will see!

    Peradventure, shall we be judged,
    as seen and true witness heard;
    To you fickle ones, there’s only one judge,
    so don’t be so absurd.

    What was said to be written, is now written to be said,
    don’t change it to suit yourself;
    do as Christ commanded and you won’t need a trumpet,
    as actions speak for themself.

    Oh glory be! why do they fight?
    what do they hope to win?
    What worth! those spoils they value more,
    than their own next of kin?

    You cannot preach peace, at the point of a gun!
    when will this nonsense cease?
    It is better to be an innocent victim of war,
    than a villain of the peace.

    Peace comes not without silence!
    but which of them must come first?
    Will we keep on blowing each other up,
    ’til the bubble of the Earth is burst?

    Who would champion the cause of justice,
    wielding a blade of bludgeoned steel?
    or direct a volley of cannon-fire,
    against another’s feel?

    Who would orchestrate an army,
    against all life itself?
    until the only battle left to fight,
    is only with themself!

    God created a perfect environment,
    in which these hideous monsters dwell;
    they can either choose to walk God’s Way,
    or else shall go to hell.

    Is it for us to cause an effect?
    or merely effect the cause?
    for they that rise above selfishness,
    are duly worth an applause.

    How on Earth can one profit,
    even if the whole world ye do gain;
    if by your leave you’ve no one to give it to,
    shall not thy efforts have been in vain?

    The world produces heaps of garbage waste,
    from no-deposit no-return;
    but if you’re a valuable asset to God;
    you’ll not be discarded only to burn.

    What ever happened to our innocence?
    the only excuse I say;
    and why is understanding misunderstanding,
    such a difficult price to pay?

    Born into perpetual darkness,
    we stumble around in the dark;
    seeking ways to escape our mortality,
    a vain and premeditated art.

    Marvel not at technological breakthroughs,
    they say we can’t do without;
    for Man cannot create the spark of life,
    nor can stop it from being put out!

    God organised our bodies in such a way,
    we need not consciously take a breath;
    so why take thought of what you need,
    and worry yourself to death.

    One man’s meat is another’s poison,
    think not that you know what you need;
    for it’s better the body is prepared for a poison,
    than to blindly consume what another decreed.

    Metabolism’s are many and variable,
    and with a need as unpredictable as this;
    none can prescribe a daily allowance,
    with a routine that is hit or miss.

    The thing they do not consider,
    is the attitude of those they test;
    conclusive tests are on naive subjects,
    That’s why Guinea-Pigs are best.

    If we think it is good, the test shows it bad,
    so they publicly make their address;
    now thought to be bad, the next test shows it good,
    roulette for the majority is not a success!

    There is a salve, to soothe the wounds,
    of misunderstanding and discontent;
    abide in God’s Word and do his will,
    and you’ll be Heaven sent.

    You’ve seen it written and heard it said,
    by hearts God would rather not know;
    “a fool and his money are soon parted”,
    these are the seeds they sow.

    And with these words, upon a fault,
    they build their house of straw;
    on shaky ground, pay blow-hard wolves,
    that knock upon their door.

    The East say, “Walk this side of the road”,
    the West say, “Walk the other”;
    seductively they say to us,
    “Come and be our brother!”.

    But Jesus said “Come walk my way,
    thy neighbour is thy brother;
    devote thy life unto my cause,
    and to you I’ll give another!”.

    His road through life is paved with Gold,
    each step is paid in deed;
    He’ll help us walk beyond these realms,
    to where we shall be freed.

    Oh God! what of thy children,
    that build temples to worship you in;
    and then build in them monuments,
    to their incessant sin.

    How can I stop these horses,
    that have bolted from thy yard?
    I lead them to thy waters,
    but of drink they never are.

    Lies are only justified,
    by the perpetrator who thinks they’ll gain;
    but if they ever look back in hindsight,
    maybe they’ll see that all are in vain.

    Why do such beautiful people,
    hide behind such a masquerade?
    Is it because what they see in the mirror reflected,
    even they would not serenade?

    Cast off the facade of your make-up,
    and take an honest long look at yourself;
    You’ll learn good people will Love you just as you are,
    and might even learn to Love yourself.

    The Lord Thy God is a spirit,
    and He makes His presence felt;
    He’ll cloak you in Humankindness and help you express,
    what you previously only had felt.

    Esoteric people, from their deep,
    lay to rest their feel;
    in the hope another shall lift them up,
    and utterly make them real.

    Where there’s a will, there is a way,
    a way not always favoured;
    but when God’s Will is “said and done”,
    the end result is savoured.

    There’s many a creed and many a way,
    Christ showed the one that’s True;
    so open your hearts unto the Lord,
    and He’ll open His to you.

    He’ll embrace you in His Loving arms,
    and teach to you what’s right;
    and all that’s not for us to do, shall be done,
    on His return by His Blessed Might.

    I have not yet seen Heaven,
    and Hope I don’t see hell;
    but I hear God’s Children uttering words,
    that ring a familiar bell.

    So don’t get caught in this race of people,
    with Hearts waxed closed of caring;
    but be ye with an open Heart,
    a True and Humane Being.

    May God’s blessing be upon you now and forever!

    [Extracted from the book “The Forgotten Foundling” by Christopher John Petersen.]

    © by Christopher John Petersen

  4. Chris Petersen says:


    The artist put himself to task,
    to realise a dream;
    and gathered up and set it so,
    it did not show a seam.

    with loving hands he polished it,
    and when each piece was done;
    he set it all in motion,
    giving life to every one.

    Then he put a keeper in it’s midst,
    and said “Watch over it”;
    then saw he needed company,
    and so of his breast did knit.

    then said “Come see what I’ve cast on,
    from a stitch across your heart;
    this stitch to remind both of you,
    that you should never part”.

    Now looking upon his loving work,
    behold it has been dashed;
    for some have come along, and with
    a tarnished brush have splashed;

    With fond filled fancies,
    of lavish meadows Green;
    of shimmering Sunkissed dewdrops,
    on countless blossoms sheen.

    An array of fossils and footsteps,
    of all pleasantries ever seen;
    now memories locked in teardrops,
    of all that once had been.

    Mother Earth, once plump and fruitful,
    laid waste by foolish schemes;
    left in the hands of ignorant caretakers,
    is now falling apart at the seams.

    All the artist’s beloved creations,
    have all but come and went;
    shall the Harvest Moon not bless our skies,
    ’til this beloved Earth is spent?

    Despondent over desolate spaces,
    we dream the poet’s dream;
    of living in tranquil places,
    with peace on Earth serene.

    To live in joyous frivolity,
    with nothing to bring us down;
    to look in all directions,
    and nay have cause to frown.

    May God help us to understand and respect all that is given us A-MEN

    [Extracted from the book “The Forgotten Foundling” by Christopher John Petersen.]

    © by Christopher John Petersen

    • childofjesus says:

      O Lord, how manifold the work
      In wisdom wrought by Thee;
      The wealth of Thy creative skill
      Fills earth and mighty sea. –Anon

  5. childofjesus says:

    Christian, remember you bear His dear name
    Your life is for others to view;
    You’re an example–men praise you or blame
    And measure your Savior by you –Anon

  6. lookingforhope2011 says:

    Thanks for sharing that. ! 🙂

  7. childofjesus says:

    Help us, Lord, to be a lifeline
    To a dying world today,
    Bringing hope to the hopeless people,
    Telling them that Christ’s the way. –Sper

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      It seems we(myself included) spend much time,in many contriversal issues,some for info,some for good reason, but last week a young lady,came on this site,looking for answers,and she found a glimmer of hope us christians care. It touched hearts here,and as a result,I would like to say,we need more to be in agreement on the basic,doctrine of Christ,than a disagreement contest. people are looking for hope and soundness,and that is a rare thing these days,Salvation directors is our job !! and wheather the rapture is here or there,sinners are here and now,hurting and confused,lets pull together and show them this site is different,it has a heart for lost and confused,so when they leave this site,the are in a clear understanding why Christ died for our sins,thanks

      • lookingforhope2011 says:

        Well said. I agree completely!

      • Chris Petersen says:

        Where there is Harmony, there Abideth Love also.

        And they where all in one place and of one accord.

        “Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.” Phil 2:2

      • It seems to me if there is a dissagreement on an issue than open up a new Forum to devote to debating the issue and discussing it as christians should. Not as the secular world would debate or disscuss it but in verse & with Love for the other. Honoring our brothers & sisters in our words. Not tearing them down. Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Am I allowed to agree with you??? 🙂 Amen!
        It is alright to have things we disagree on, we just need to allow other people the right to not see it as clearly as we do, or think we do.
        “If I have all knowledge and know all mysteries, and have not charity, it profits me nothing.”

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          If you had not made such a comment after you agreed with me,I would have wanted I.D to make sure it was you, God bless brother

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Ain’t it just like God to teach us where we fall and bring us back together again! Praise the Lord! My time may be short here but you all have been a great blessing! Keep showing the genuine love of Jesus. Many more like me will come after im gone and need the same encouragement! Don’t give up in doing good. And someday we will all meet at the supper table in heaven. I got my order in for a big ole plate of fried catfish mashed taters and buttermilk biscuits with lots of cold milk and some custard pie to finish it off with! Be blessed!

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            Mr looking for hope, I plan for you to be around here a while,there is no mountain too high,nor a valley too deep,that God cannot reach us,and pull us out of all trouble,faith is the substance of things not seen, Prayer is not a past time it is the keys to God’s heart,and who is able to pluck us out of his hands?

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Well I forgot the cornbread. That might take a little longer 🙂

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            I firmly believe no weapon formed against me shall prosper! . Just don’t know how or what God has planned

          • childofjesus says:

            Hi Greg!!
            Trust Your Heavenly Father & trust us who are interceding your case to the Judge of judges!!

            With prayers

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            As david most assuredly had in the psalms, the rough days do come. But at the end of every psalm he wrote he still gave praise to God and trusted in Him. I still praise and still trust. Just the odds stacked up against me seemed to have gotten a little more aggressive. Satan is working double time for sure. I can’t see where it all ends but God can. So I will just have to hang on!

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            when the battle got hot and his hands got heavy,as they began to lower,the enemy was starting to gain ground,but the friends of Moses lifted his hands and victory was then the outcome, when the weights are 2 heavy,count on your friends,and especialy Jesus,your best friend,he will lift you up.

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            There’s a man,named Fredrick Smitz,he has a web site called abundant harvest,he is a Jew converted to Christ, He ran from God ,knowing he was being called, he found himself in a place where a tornato came,picked him up,and while up in the air,cryed out,I’ll go,he was slamed into a wood pile,taken to the hospital,which ran out of pain killer,they removed glass and wood from his body. He has been a powerful man of God ever since. God can protect us in the storm,when the enemies come,and it looks like certain death, God still has it under control!! when there is nothing left to do,then STAND,when we cannot win,STAND,If we will hold on to God,He will pull us out,He will wrap those huge arms around us,and tell our enemies,this one is mine.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Although the clouds are rolling in and the situation looks hopeless I will continue to take one step at a time. And pray for Gods mercy and deliverance in this matter. Im at a loss for words and fear of the unknown is haunting at every breath. But I will keep breathing!

          • Holyroller_11 says:

            After every storm,there is a rainbow,God is not slack concerning his promises,when the enemies come,God will raise up a standard against them.who is able to stand in his path.I have not seen the righteous forsaken,nor his seed begging bread GREG,your family in Christ are holding up your hands when yours are weary,that the battle will be won in Jesus name.God is not done with you,he is just getting started, He will give you the desire of your heart,.

          • lookingforhope2011 says:

            Thank you dear brother Joe. Im blessed to have such great friends!

          • Remember,”With GOD”, All things are Possible. For through Jesus, All things were made that was made. All Things! Don’t put him in a Box and say well he can’t do this for me. He is so much bigger than a box and so powerfull. The Sun Moon and Stars are very big to us and he made them. You dear Greg are far more precious to him than you realize. Look at how many of us come together in agreement for you! That is not of ourselves, it is God inspired. Look at the how he could have had you in Jail so long ago. Look at all he has delivered you from so far. Those situations were not accidents or Chance or even Luck. They were his doing. No God has not shown me the ending of your trial, but he has inspired me to pray for you so to me, the fact that he has put you in my heart to pray for you says to me, that you are important to him. It says to me that He believes in you and Loves you dearly. So whatever the outcome of this trial, You have him and he has a purpose for you. I do deffinately believe he is puting you in the fire to make you a stronger, and more beautiful vessel. What kind of vessel?! One to serve the King. With love, your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

    • Sweet ones on this site your poetry should have your own forum on special verses dedicated to our lord & our Family. I would love to see more poetry in a spot on here or even new songs. Your gentle word inspired by God are touching and edifying our souls. Thank You , love, your sis in Christ Jesus, annette. PS. Dear Joe & Tim. You are both such Loving men. I am so pleased to see how Zealous you are in the Word of GOD. You 2 should Unite & write a Book even a coin has 2 sides, but both sides Are still part of the Coin. I believe you both met on here for a reason. I just thing a colaberation is indeed needed where you 2 are concerned. Love in the Lord & blessings to you both!

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