I lost everything. My family, my home in foreclosure, my car broke down, my job, my husband, my children, my finances…everything! I live with a man who I thought I was being lead to be with, but it was all a lie. My husband use to abuse me physically and family would always say I should leave, but stayed, because my husband stop abusing me-physically. During the abusive times, I had three affairs on him that I made the mistake in trusting him and I revealed to him. He then began to verbally say bad things against me. I left because I thought it was better for the kids and me to stop all the arguing that was happening. I must have been wrong for leaving because I am in a lonely place now. I have no job for two years, so I had to let kids stay with him. I have no car. I am away from my kids. I’ve thought of suicide on several occasions, but I decided that I want to live. God can fix this. I know He can. I’ve been praying for a miracle to happen. My children are well mannered and love Christ. Now we have no home. We have nothing. I am alone and I feel abandon. I live with the man who I thought would be my new husband, but things are not well with his mother and sisters. He wants to be with them not me. I don’t have any other relatives that can help me. I feel like my time is short here. I have no where else to go. I am worried sick about my children and I feel like I’ve been given up on. I know they feel like I’ve given up on them. I love my children. I just wish I had never messed up. Am I doomed?

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