Alice M.Shibu

I am from Sydney. I am writing this to let you know about the healing I received by the mercy of God when I was watching a prayer session on TV. I thank Jesus Christ for this opportunity to write this to you.

It was in August, when there was prayer session for the sick, I also prayed faithfully. I am very glad to say that God healed me at the same moment. The disease was not so serious but God gave me spiritual Happiness through this healing. I had been a very bad headache for two days and when I prayed for healing Lord showered his mercy on me very soon. I hadn’t that pain after the message and prayer session. Praise the Lord!!

I use this occasion to thank God for the blessings.

I had attended a closed retreat at Bangalore in 1992-93. At that time, I was working in St.Philomina?s Hospital as a nurse. I don?t have words to explain the spiritual blessings I received through that retreat. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that many people may find the saviour through the works of his people.

We reached here in Australia in 2002 March. Both I and my husband are baptised. We have three children ? Akhila 5 yrs, Nikhila 3 yrs and Pressilla 2 yrs. My husband Shibu is from Orthodox background and I am from Marthoma background. I request your prayers for our family and also for the power to be with the love of God forever.

Alice M. Shibu
1 Ellen Street,Panania,
N.S.W. 2213,Australia

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