Abusive husband

I know God is in control, but my sister’s marriage is getting bad.
They have a son, my nephew Alex.
Just an assortment of baad things…
This guy is always on such a power trip.
They just need some deliverance.

What do YOU think?



  1. jesuschrist1 says:

    My parents who have been married for over 30 years are having a very tough time right now because of my father’s alcoholicl, anger, bitterness and hate problems. Please pray that my father may be delivered from all of his hate towards his wife and children and that the spirit of alcoholism may leave him once and for all.

    As I type this I’m hoping for a miracle!!! Please pray with me that there will be one!! Thank You All whoever responds to this urgent message. May God Truly Bless all who take the time to pray for my family!

  2. This is verydemonic what it is,is called a spirit of fear and control.I have met several men and woman that are so bound by fear they want to control their childern and spouse to the point it get psyicalley abusive.On my web sight I come against demestic violence and I am amazed by what responses I get because its even in the church now.See several years ago the church was really big in to standing their ground and spirtual warfare but now the church has become complacent.I am amazed how many times I have been mocked by standing up for Christ.When an ungodly store,or bar,or just a trashey store opens up I know my weapons so I go down there and pray against it.I have seen dozens of ungodly busisnesses shut down because I know God can do mighty things.If you want send me just a private message with just his first name and I will have my team pray for him.Dont lose heart God is mighty……Tim T

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