A Woman’s Face to Face Encounter With Jesus Christ – What it Takes to Really Be Saved

According to this woman, introduced only as "C.J." only those who make a true 100% commitment to Jesus Christ will enter heaven. All others will go to hell. For years she tried to meet God by raising the hand, praying the prayer after the preacher, but while idols remained in her heart, God was not willing to come.

Have a listen to this message. Listen to how she met Jesus face to face, and the way Jesus dealt with her. Not everyone is going to believe this story, but you have to ask yourself if this lady is doing this for fame, money or recognition. So many of the stories people relate of seeing clearly into the spiritual world carry this same concept of consecration and the need for true repentance and surrender to the will of God if we are to enter life. It lines up with Matthew 7:21, so we do well to consider it.


At the end of this message, Nathan Leal, the interviewer, asks her concerning the various prophecies of coming judgment on America. She believes the Lord has also revealed to her that these horrific judgments are surely coming, and that we must seek God earnestly if we wish to escape.

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  1. Mildred Masayi says:

    I also had an encounter with the Lord in the year2009 and my commission was to warn the church and tell them “cursed is a man who trusts in a man. The Lord showed me people in churches who are fully swayed away from God and they are just following their pastors yet they think and are fully convinced that they are serving God. Its a long testimony ,but be aware no man has heaven to take you to . Don’t put your trust in men but rather put your trust in God. He is the Way, the Trueth and the Life ,nobody goes to the Father except through Him

  2. I do see jesus in visions too

  3. Diane Singh says:

    After listening to this something happened. I believed 200% what CJ was saying and got the first time I felt the holly spirit around me because I believed with all my heart. This was a couple of weeks ago and I still feel changed. Everything is so different around me and within. I wondered why did it take so many years when I thought I had fought him out in the past. I don’t know why. But all I can attest to is that athough I believe the rest was not my doing. It is Jesus taking over. This changed my life.

  4. I also had a profound face to face encounter with the Father and Jesus. The entire Word of God seemed to come to life before my spititual eyes. As part of the mystical revelation, I was also given a strong prophetic warning for America.

  5. Hi Rachel, the computer blocked the access. Is there a written version of what her encounter with the Lord Jesus?

  6. Is there a pdf or document version of this?

    • Marilena Fackerell says:

      Hi Rachel, no but you can copy it and make it into one if the person who wrote the testimony gives you permission to distribute.

  7. Emmett Graft says:

    Who is this women who met Jesus face to face. I would like to hear more of what she says. I would also like to write to her.


  8. I have the same encounter with jesus.Ask me and i will tell u.Call 08068233858

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