A song inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is able to bring out hidden gifts.

A Vessel For Your Glory.

I was once bound and lost, no future could I see,
Your awesome grace flowed down, on a sinner like me,
As I cried out your name from the depth of my soul,
You forgave me; you saved me and made my life whole.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, You know my heart’s desire,
Fill me with your love Lord; fill me with your fire
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Use me every day,
Help me set the prisoner free
Lord come and have your way.
Let my heart be pure, let my mind be clear,
Let me walk in power and not in fear.
Your compassion must flow out through me, for you have set me free.
To serve, to love, to worship you,
To be a blessing Jesus in all I do,
To dance, to sing, to pray to you
I am a vessel for your glory.

All the angels are singing a soul is saved today.
Let self die, surrender, Lord Come and have your way
On the wings of an eagle my spirit will soar,
Rejoicing in my saviour, I want to know you more.

Repeat Chorus:

Written by Deborah Hawkins under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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