A life transformed by one small act of obedience.

As I was driving my car the small still voice of the Holy Spirit prompted me and said, “Go talk to the man on the corner” as I came round the roundabout I noticed a man standing by the corner of the road. Again the Holy Spirit repeated the message. I parked up and went over to the man thinking to myself what am I going to say. As I got close I could smell alcohol so after introducing myself I just came out with what was on my mind and said, “are you an alcoholic”? The man looked saddened by my question and then tears filled up in his eyes, he answered a slowly and said YES I am an alcoholic. I asked him his name and he explained he was from west Africa. I then offered him coffee at my home knowing that the leading of the Holy Spirit was very much present. When I first got the prompting about stopping the car to talk to him I wrestled with the idea that I did not want to talk to a stranger, but you see Jesus did, and I am glad I obeyed. When he arrived at my home and sat down for coffee he could not stop shaking, I was curious about his age, I found out he was only in his early forties, but he looked so much older. I asked him “do you believe in God”? Yes he said, I do, but I am not a Christian. I then proceeded to tell him about a Christian rehab that he could go to for FREE. A few days later Joniva went to the rehab. He got delivered from drink, and got saved. And very soon after that his family came to thank me for helping their dad. A year later I checked up on him and he is still doing well, in fact he is helping the unemployed in obtaining computer skills. From one small prompting of the Holy Spirit and one small act of obedience, one precious soul was saved. If you are insecure in yourself but sense the Holy Spirit encouraging you to do something for someone else, OBEY, because you may save their life, their soul, bring a family back together and give them a future. Isn’t God wonderful! God wants to work through you and me, pray to be used you will never regret it.

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