A Dream of The Coming Darkness

by Michael Edds

In the fall of 2004, I had a dream. It was so real and terrifying that I had to get up from my bed. The following is an account of the dream:

“I was visiting my birthplace, a small village in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia. I pulled my car off the road and parked in front of the old Methodist Church. I got out of the car to stretch my legs. The day was absolutely pristine and picture perfect. The sky was cloudless, the sun bright, and the air fresh and crystal clear. I was admiring the beautiful flowers growing in people’s yards. Many were busy working in their yards and gardens on such a gorgeous day. There was such peace and serenity.

I turned and looked toward the southeast. I was astonished at what I saw. A cloud of complete blackness was suddenly approaching the town. It completely blotted out all light and scenery where it advanced and covered. It approached the village limits, which was a river southeast of the community.

I made the comment, “Oh my God, the Darkness has come!” I sensed great evil and danger in it. I looked around to see if anyone else saw what I saw. To my amazement, people were oblivious to the approaching wall of darkness. They were still busy working in their yards and around their homes.

I made the statement, “They do not realize what it will be like when the darkness comes. All of the sun light, beauty of nature and peace will disappear when the darkness moves in. Everything in their lives will suddenly and drastically change.”

I jumped into my car as they approached. They slowed down as they reached my car and the leader yelled out, “Don’t you dare leave!” I locked my car doors as he approached and floored the gas pedal. My tires squealed as I fled. The motorcyclists pursued me and tried to force me off the road. I swerved into two and caused them to wreck. The rest pursued me for many miles and shot at me.

After some distance, I approached some men working on the road and asked for help or to make a call for me to the police. I started to get out of the car but heard a voice from above warning me to not to get out of the car but to drive on. Finally, I realized that I was running out of gas and stopped to refuel. I pulled up to a gas station and started refueling. The dream ended with me praying for God’s protection while I refueled.
I turned to get into my car to flee. All of a sudden, six motorcyclists drove out of the blackness and across the bridge into the town. I gasped, “The advance guard of the darkness has arrived!” These riders were on black motorcycles and dressed in black from head to toe.

The parts of the dream that stood out were:

1. The darkness suddenly came upon the land.
2. Before it came, all was serene, beautiful and peaceful.
3. No one saw it coming.
4. An advanced guard came into the community first on a reconnaissance mission.
5. The darkness then moved in and totally blotted out all light and beauty. People’s lives were drastically changed.
6. I fled for safety.

America is on the threshold of something cataclysmic that will radically change life, as we know it. A wall of darkness is about to suddenly fall upon this land.
John 14:13 tells us that the Holy Spirit will tell us of things to come. He warns us in advance to prepare us for what is ahead. When I awoke, I was trembling with fear. I got up to settle myself.

Hebrews 11:7
records, “…Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with Godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household….”

An advance guard of this darkness is already at work. People are living in a false sense of complacent security. I believe that the cup of iniquity is full in America and which will unleash divine judgment upon this nation. Something is about to shatter the hardness of this wicked nation’s heart.

God has revealed to me that a Great Awakening is about to burst forth upon the scene to gather and prepare His holy remnant for the darkness that will follow. This Awakening will give America one last chance to repent. Historically, Awakenings have preceded calamity.

May God’s people listen to the warning of the Holy Spirit and move with Godly fear to the saving of their households and neighborhoods. God desires for us to prepare an ark of safety to which people can flee for refuge when disaster comes. Let us listen and quickly move. Darkness is coming!

What do YOU think?



  1. Beloved says:

    * wicked nation’s heart.* (as stated above)

    Hmmmmm, I do not disagree that there is “wickedness” in this country. It is, however, home to millions of Godly , sincere, and selfless people. Americans are generous, and that is mostly due to their religious convictions,not rooted in the fallacy of humanism. Is our God a God of justice?Yes! Is our God a God of mercy? Yes!

    Psalm 91- all of it. 🙂

    • America is the fourth largest nation to have households that do not attend church. That is several millions of people who do not serve God. Not to mention that the Church is actually on the decline. There are several good Godly people out there, but there are far more wicked out there as well. Take heed to this warning. There were many times when Israel was warned, did not listen and they suffered for it. Do not be like them!

  2. time2repent says:

    Interesting symbolism in your dream. Six is the number of man.(six motorcycles) Mans hearts or tied up in the world system. We are completely dependent on oil or gas. I have had some similar dreams. One being I am warning Gods people while riding a black motorcycle that everything is going to collapse. Everyone is mocking me. I had the dream several times and God spoke to me to buy a motorcycle and I did last summer. It is black and I dress all in black and I am a prophet warning people to repent and get their hearts out of the world system. I am constantly mocked. I belive the gas is about to be cut off and the only things moving will be motorcycles. Interesting to say the least. Also in 2005 I told everyone that the stock-market would crash in 2008 (5 Angel’s came to me in a dream and told me they also said it was planned) I believe we are on the cusp now, the market is set to crash again without a return.. The Lord had told me several times recently to get ready its time to ride.
    Me 🙂

  3. kennethleenorth says:

    Dear Michaels: Someone once said it is better to run away today to fight another day. I think it might have been the same person who said it is better to live on the corner of a roof or in the desert than to live with a contentious woman. Someone so utterly blind in their arguments that they pain you to be near them, like Helen Keller who in childhood just did not understand the nature of her darkness. Now there are those who like Christ see with the eyes of compassion. Placing one foot in front of the other, taunted on every side, dirty, dusty and salty sweat and blood stinging eyes and open wounds, the weight of their burdens crushing down upon them, struggling with thirst and exhaustion, the darkness finally overtaking them at the time of their last breath. And then there was Stephen, who when the argument of darkness closed around him, the heavens were opened above him and he glowed the most brightly as he gave up his last breath. So let your light shine before men and do not be afraid of the darkness.

    When we live in the darkness of superstition, we have no where to run. Can we run to the desert? That is where God came from. Can we hide in the corner of a roof?

    Michael, your dream indicates that you may be at a point of great tempting. Your flight from darkness being dependent upon refilling your tank. I suggest a lesson from the old testament prophet who hid out in the house of a woman that complained to him that she did not have enough oil with him living there. He was running from the darkness yet he knew that the oil would not run out while he remained there. Yet he felt so all alone that God had to rebuke him and tell him that there were five thousand others like him who had not bended knee to superstition.

    Are you being called to flee or are you being called to put on the mantle of righteousness and give of your last breath in a compassionate battle with darkness? Are you going to fuel the cause of superstition or are you going to stand your ground firmly and let your light shine through the darkness.

  4. There have been a number of such prophecies concerning America , but I for one believe it is coming sooner than people think. I hope you are right about a Great Awakening. That would be wonderful.

    I would actually counsel my friends to prepare to leave America now, and look to migrate elsewhere. Very few will heed this call I expect, but I believe I should give it anyway.

    If you are full on for God, come to Australia as a missionary, or to some place like India where people are hungry for God. But let everyone be guided by what the Lord reveals to them. Some will be guided to stay on and suffer.

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