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  1. Thank you so much, your story is so true to the way the world is and how it hurts us and keeps us decieved and suffering. With God you have overcome and now with Him you can be at peace. I really appreciate this post that you have shared. I am happy that you are happy now, and god bless.

  2. A brief background: I am the youngest in the family, and my parents were actually expecting a boy, but to their disappointment I ended up to be a girl, so during my childhood, they didn’t affirm me as a girl,there’s no ‘daughter’ such thing in my ears as I grew up, and they somehow dressed me up like a boy, I got a boy’s undies on and wore tie and shirt, that was so funny as I think of it now, so I was moulding to look like a boy and when I was in primary school, many girls liked my voice, that time I was singing like a boy, not that high pitch singing, and most boys in school disliked and teased me at almost all times. So I told myself, why not continue to deceive myself acting like a boy, because only through this way will I feel accepted and loved. Then as I got deceived to pretend like a boy, I started to look out for girls, during that period, I was fancying one girl, I tried so hard to pretend, hide up my real identity as a girl, but one day she came to my house, because I had been bugging her a lot that she finally came and talked to my parents, only that time does she realize I was actually a girl not a boy at all, she was totally in shock, and since then my parents realized that problem but they didn’t address it the problem continues….

    ….When I was about age 17, I got a chance to travel to Australia for studying, actually I am so blessed that I got the PR when I first landed to Sydney, I stayed at a boarding school and I met a group of chinese as my friends. One time I offended some of the bad girls in the dormitory, I commented the girl was wearing just an undie walking around the dormitory and some of her peers heard what I was saying to my friend, that night she came and knocked on my door, asked me out to the backyard, then they bullied me, kicked my back, my legs, I was halfly feeling dead, I couldn’t walk straight back to my room, and a girl came in and put on medicine for my whole body and she had been chasing me but I rejected her at least 5 times, but then I accepted her because of what she did to me that night, I felt touched and felt like nobody loves me like she does. So I trapped into that relationship for like 2.5 years. When we were living in uni housing, one night we argued lots, I got upset with her, then suddenly I heard a voice, telling me I need to stop the relationship, that is so ugly, awful in my sight. I knew very well that was the holy spirit speaking to me. I felt a bit shocked and I felt disgusting too about what I did to that girl all those years, then I phoned up to one of the christian friend, asked if I could actually move in and stay with her for a while. And the other day when my gf was out to uni, I packed up all things, ready to go then she opened wide the door, she was angry and stopped me from packing the boxes, she threw them all over on the floor, she hugged me and begged me not to leave her. Then after her lunch break, she has to go, so I kept on packing and decided to really have to leave her.

    ….I stayed at my friend’s place, but after few days later, I felt I was so wrong to leave her alone, I felt so guilty to know that she hasn’t been at uni and been very depressed that I left her. That ‘wrong’ sense of guilt just gripped my heart, condemning what I had done to her. Then I moved to a unit that is so large, I ended up contacting her, inviting her to stay as my flatmate, she insisted that she has finished with me, but I knew she hasn’t. So while she was struggling with her relationship with me, one night she said she hated me so much, then she actually took up the knife ready in a min to thrust into my stomach. I told her that I deserved the punishment, so If you want to kill me, do so…I closed my eyes not wanting to see her action….THANK GOD, she screamed but then she put down the knife and ran away…then she departed from my unit, and since then we didn’t know whats going on with each other, and I felt so regret, condemned and sorry for almost 2 years and I started to go to church and tried to forgive myself….but that condemnation and guilty feeling was with me many years…and near the year 2000, I went back to Hong Kong (my home town) and things went well as I started to join a very good church, it’s an international church and the pastor is an Australian, that was like a small Australia to me, and peoples are very nice and friendly, so I grew up a lot in my spiritual walk there..and during those time in that church, I have surrounded by love but somehow I felt a hole in my deepest heart that I was quite lonely, and still not knowing who I am in Christ that time…not knowing that I am a new person, that old things has gone when I confessed that Jesus is my Saviour. And one year I flied to Sri Lanka to help out my dad’s business, and ……

    ….During my time in Hong Kong, I need to give God the credit that my relationship with my earthly has greatly improved, I sensed of the gentleness towards my dad to me, and one night in Sri Lanka, that was a chinese festival celebrating there, we went out to have t-bone steak, we enjoyed each other’s company, and I got to know his business and his work overseas more…and I remembered my dad was holding my hands crossing the road, I felt so warmth in my heart because that was the very FIRST time that I felt loved by my dad. I couldn’t explain how I feel, but that was so awesome, so warmth, that was like he was my husband!!Just feeling so sweet!!

    Then after a period of time, he has to fly to Bangladesh (where he first established his business), then he left everything to me, and only got a maid to look after my needs at the house and office. So I used internet and started to chat on icq…then I met a thai girl, I asked if she can give me a chance to let me love her, she agreed in the end and I started to fly to thailand, our relationship started right then, that relationship maintained for 2 years, and she seems to be very understanding, gentle, open, and I saw her as an angel to me, that she comforted me a lot and I even thought of marrying her, or do the transgender operation for her. THANK GOD, she didn’t encourage me to do so…And one Christmas she traveled and visited me in HK, everything seemed fun and solid, then she told me she gonna travel to the US do her internship, she then worked in a pub, and she started to have relationship with guys, and before that she was complaining me not sending her letters, but actually I did, she just didn’t get it from me, so..we got on a bit confusion and misunderstanding, she felt distant from me..that time I was in big headache, I seemed to be very distant in my heart as well, so I started to pray to God, if that will be the end of it, I told God that, if it is so, please please let her be the one to tell me off, so I won’t feel guilty by saying it, I was afraid I will once again feel condemned and guilty about saying break up…then God did just the way I asked him…after I prayed this prayer, not long after that, she phoned me and told me that she wanna break up with me, I was so okay in my tone that time, I told her that God has answered my prayer….after that phone call, i seemed to be very calm, then I started to feel regret too….those emotions was trying to hold me back to the old memories…And I finally stopped thinking about her and actually stopped contacting her…but that was like after few years time…

    Recount of the “changes in me” all through the years — How the name of Jesus, the Power of the Holy Spirit has done its work in my life….May you be encouraged and comforted…in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    ~ Long hair experience: God has given me patient to leave my hair long, I hated to have long hair, I never thought I will have it myself..but GOD MADE IT.

    ~ Hair salon experience: first time in my life experienced something different when the guy washed and combed my hair in a careful way to look after my long hair, I felt like a QUEEN that I’d never felt before!

    ~ Wearing skirt experience: God blessed me with a teaching job at school, big miracle from God, I gained the job without a formal qualification – God promoted me there and because of the job, I have to wear skirts, high heels, so first time ever to feel myself pretty and lovely!

    ~ Family relationship improved: After gone through the counseling – the power of the healing prayer. I see my Father as a new person and my email friend that I have not stopped sharing how good God is in my life to him and he did listen and read my emails. He is getting more gentler toward me and will put some effort in treating me as a lady now. So I appreciate to see the changes in him too and I THANK GOD for that.

    ~ One of my sister being saved: One sister of mine started to put her faith in Jesus because of the changes she has seen in me. THANK GOD for using me in such a way, though I had sinned against Him, because of His love, he redeemed me and he uses my ‘life changed’ to show others who He is. How amazing is HE.

    ~ Children’s impact on me: God uses children to change my sex identity, that I love children so much and as I see them, boys and girls I just can’t help thanking God for their pureness, and how cute, lovely they are. They played a major part in my searching of sex identity. More and more I see myself as lovely as the little girl and reminds me of what God created me to be,and deep inside I have a strong desire to have my own babies in future, and through in touch with children, I know more about the differences between boys and girls, and I am amazed at how God created man and woman and put them together as one.

    ~ REVELATION from GOD: One day as I read Genesis – the chapter about the creation of God, how God created men and women and put them together as one, God gave me revelation, my eyes wide open as I read that, suddenly I realized that I have been sinning against the will of God, the purpose of God in me, He created me as a woman, but all those years, I had been walking against that truth, trying to deny my sex identity that He gave me, so I got to the point that I finally knew, I have been very crazy, silly indeed to try to change His plan in my life, He designed me to be united with my man, but I tried to change it, I rebelled against Him by having girlfriends!! So I tried to destroy His plan for me!! Then I knew how foolish, I started to repent unto God..

    ~ Marriage thought emerged: I never thought of have anything to do with men while I was hating them because of my dad. Then the marriage thought started to emerge, I felt so strongly that I want a man to get married with, and I experienced a guy said that he likes me, want to be my boyfriend, happened once so far and it gave me HOPE for the future….and praise God that I have that desire in my heart to get married and have babies.

    All throughout the years, I KNOW I KNOW that my God is faithful and true. JESUS CHRIST – though it’s funny for some peoples, but for me, JESUS CHRIST has indeed saved me out of darkness, He has give me hope that I am able to be changed….it has nothing to do with human effort at all, IT”S GOTTA BE GOD! Those changes doesn’t come overnight of course, but He has been good, blessing me so much all through the years…’Shemariah’

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