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Song – Whatever Things you Ask When you Pray

We are meant to pray the prayer of faith often! Whenever we desire something whilst in a spirit of prayer! Words: Therefore I say to you, whatever things that you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them x2 And you will have whatever things you ask when you pray, just believe that you […]

Song – Eye Has Not Seen

To listen: just click to the left of the numbers, because the Play button is obscured for some reason. I hope you like this song based on 1 Cor. 2:9. You can hear my 3 year old daughter Christina making cute noise in the background. One day we’ll make a recording without her hopefully. šŸ™‚ […]

Song – In Him We Have Redemption through His Blood

Click to the left of the numbers – play button gets hidden there somehow. Words In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins x2 The forgiveness of sins according to His grace, the riches of His grace x2 Ephesians 1:7

Scripture in Song – by Lisa Fackerell (& her Dad)

To play click to the left of the numbers above. Here is a song written by my 8 year old daughter Lisa, with help from Mum and Dad. It is derived from John 3:16 and a thought from vs 17. So its really a team effort, but the good parts of the composition came mostly […]

Knowing God’s will for your 24 hours per day

I know that in life there are many things that call for our attention and many needs in the world that scream at us as Christians. The sense of duty rises up and we feel we got to do something more about it. Especially if you go overseas as a missionary and see the multitudes […]

Do we Really Know our Pastors?

Do we Really Know and Love our Pastors? Pastoring is a very challenging role if one is to do it right – according to the Word of God. We need to pray for pastors and stand with them in the spirit, or there is the real possibility that they will be brought down by some […]

The Key to Seeing the Holy Spirit Manifest

Many of us want to see the Holy Spirit move in our meetings. What is the key? Is it a 40-day fast? No. Is it a half night of prayer? No. More preaching about the Holy Spirit? No. Extending the singing time of a meeting? No. Becoming more holy first? No. All of those things […]

Will God make you Beautiful?

There is a great emphasis today on physical beauty. Physical beauty has always been an appreciated quality, but it seems that today in our visually-orientated culture this quality is more valued than ever. There is more than one kind of beauty of course. The enduring kind of beauty is spiritual beauty, and there are also […]

Young Man embraces Hyper-Grace Teaching, Goes on Drugs, Dies of Overdose

Hello Michael; I just read the article on Joseph Prince and it moved me because I didn’t know anyone else felt the same as I. My son-in-law began following Ps Prince about 2 years ago. He became very worldly after in-grafting himself into the new GRACE movement, that teaches sin has no consequences anymore because […]

Become a Christian

Become a Christian To become a Christian what is needed is to call out to Jesus Christ. Its very simple really. You have to realize that you are in deep trouble with God and that you cannot save your own soul. You need to believe enough to pray and ask Jesus Christ to intervene in […]


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