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Some Thoughts on the Power of Prayer


God only uses people who are equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit and these people are people of prayer.


Christianity vs New Age Doctrine – Is Truth Absolute or Relative

The author of this video was a devoted New Ager with over 30 spirit guides who became a born again Christian and now exposes some of the deception he was formerly involved with.

As he says towards the end of the video, he says that if you are a New Ager you are absolutely wrong. So if you think he's wrong in saying THAT, you are implying that there IS a kind of absolute truth anyway. You are SURE he isn't right. And that implies a belief in some sort of absolute truth.

Modesty in Church Meetings

Personally I think there is a difference between presenting oneself well and presenting oneself in a way that is likely to create sexual attraction. It is good to dress nicely, and nice clothes don't cost the earth these days. I personally think that there is nothing wrong with a little make-up is your face is flawed and you want to cover that up. But young women especially need to be careful how they dress these days. We need to be honest and recognise that most men, and especially young men, find a woman of beautiful form very desirable and attractive.

The Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement

Broadly, this doctrine states that Jesus Christ died in our place when he died on the cross.

The Bible says: 
For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God
1 Peter 3:18


Sid Roth interviews Mary K. Baxter about her Visions of Hell and Heaven

Some, including some Christians, disbelieve this woman but to me her story carries the ring of authenticity. I don't believe all stories like this, but for some reason I do believe this. It is very good that she is leading so many people to the Lord Jesus.

Hell is a horrible place. Mary Baxter claims to have been taken to see it in 1976 for 30 consecutive nights.

It is significant that backslidden Christians and even preachers are in hell right now. That is the claim. It fits with the Scriptures I read.

How to Resist the Devil – A Very Practical Method

We all have days when we are depleted physically or emotionally – and these are the occasions where Satan's demons are going to try to mess with our heads.

If you are not on guard you may find yourself thinking or saying things that are not wise. You might find yourself yielding to satanic suggestions without even realising what you are doing!

Thank God that we can return to the Father and confess our sins when this happens, and receive cleansing.

However, Satan (by means of his demons) will return and try again. 

God can heal sexual abuse.

When I was young I suffered minor abuse and one serious sexual abuse at the hands of my father. Later at the age of thirteen after a fair ground had closed for the night I became the victim to a multiple rape. For many in society any form of sexual abuse is a subject that stays hidden and others show great courage in bringing it out into the open so that it may be dealt with. The men that raped me were all sent to prison but for me the pain, humiliation and shame, the deep scars physically and emotionally remained for some time.

Promises of Answered Prayer

There could be many things God wants us to have that we do not have. Do not assume that you have everything you need to do the job God wants you to do. You might have to ask for something that you still need.

What to know and what to do!

Those of us who are awake are aware that we are currently undergoing a transitional way of living, in which things are going from challenging to worse. Last year God told me something in which I knew “information” about, but I did not pay much attention to the depth of such a thing. He told me that “whenever a new administration takes over a country, it is only a matter of time before they begin to establish and then make known their agenda.

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