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Parenting – Its Importance and Challenges

As the father of two beautiful girls, I consider that I have been especially blessed by God. Our oldest girl just turned 7, while the younger girl is not yet two years old. They are both lovely in every way. Our oldest girl really loves Jesus and is already showing definite signs of faith and discipleship. We believe she will be very fruitful for God in her life.

dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses

In the first year I found Jesus,or I should say He found me,I found my 1st encounter with Jeh. witnesses. After they began to tell me about their belief,I was new but something didn’t sound right.Well needless to say they jumped from 1 subject to another so fast,they lost me,and I felt I had let Jesus down. I talked to my pastor about what happened,and he told me more about them and said leave them alone. I guess he was right but I felt bad still. So I began to write notes and study on the things they said.

television evangelist

I just got off of U-Tube and there is a lot of stuff on there about pastors we all know well. Benny Hinn Joel Osteen even the tv christian site TBN. Pastor against pastor, false teaching, adultery, and fraud. What’s going on? Am I in the dark or are all these teachers I looked up too false teachers? I really thought these were genuine people of God. But now im not sure if I can trust their teaching. Please help!

these last days

Hello. I was just sitting here thinking. Yesterday while I was in court awaiting my turn to make a plea deal.there was a gentleman in front of me getting sentenced. And from what I heard in his case he should of gotten no more than probation. But the judge gave him five years in prison!. So my lawyer points that out to me of course. Not sure why. Because my case should get probation too. But yea it scared me!. And made me think just how evil and awful these last days are becoming. I have a wonderful family. And I cherish each day I have with them.

Are Messianic Jews Messing with the Message of Salvation?

I love Jewish people and some of my believing friends are of Jewish extraction. How can a righteous person hate the race of people from which the Messiah came? 

And yet, like God, I can't agree with everything that Jewish people say or teach. And this is especially true concerning what some Jews teach about salvation.


What is salvation? Why do people need it?

The Simple Truth

I hear and read from people young and old comments about current events and surprised when you say something relating them to the Bible. The strange look on their faces,as if they had no idea what you mean. When the Word of God has been preached and teached all these years,its easy to take for granted they know what you are talking about. The shame is on the christian,we are so busy trying to be Bible scolars,simple minded hard working people can’t understand a word said. There used to be most everyone had read some of the Bible,even those who hardly ever went to church.

And Then There Was LAZARUS

Throughout my life, I have heard comments regarding the recently departed such as “he is in a better place now” , “she is with God in Heaven” , “she is reunited with her husband now “. There is also an incredible wealth of articles, books, etc on afterlife experiences and “the light” for example.

It seems to me that since “man” has inhabited the earth, we have been on an insatiable quest for some validation of our “immortality” through God. So, we read the articles , talk to ministers and the like for answers


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