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Palestinian State .

There Will Never Be A Palistinian State.Why because The Bible Says So and its Not a very Pretty Picture What Happens To them!>>>>>>>> Read Obadiah 1;18.

Regular Thanksgiving Exercises – A Pathway to the Happiness God Commands


I Am Coming! Part XCV (95)

September 24, 2011 Letter Given by Our LORD JESUS to Sabrina:

MY beloved children, the time is now very near. I AM now come very soon.

I have called many of you in deep intimacy and many of you have responded to this call of MINE. Many of you have already received dreams and visions and supernatural encounters with their GOD.

This is very pleasing to ME! I, GOD, am very pleased with this, as I want everyone to meet ME in this Special Place here on earth.

Crisis of Our Time

If you are awake to the reality of what is happening in our world today, you may be preparing. You may be buying food to store. Or other things as well.

I am going to give you the signal that even if you are not it is time to start. Here is the writing on the wall:

Online sites which sell storable food like Mountain House and others are having every bit of their stock bought up by the Government even as we speak. They are also trying to buy all of the Potassium Iodide they can get their hands on.

The fire of God and the spiritual realm

I have been to church today experienced the best worship and praise in my life. Everyone was jumping up and down, clapping and praising God. The pastor got up in front of the church and informed everyone that I am housing a young homeless lad from the church. I have also taken 2 other young lads under my wing and I am teaching them all how to press into God. One of the young lads asked me for my Bible and went up to the front of the church to speak. He read out Daniel 1:17 – To these four boys God had given knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning and wisdom.

entire santification

entire santification is almost a teaching that is lost,and many who understand it have died or lost their way through the years.its meaning is that the Holyghost will totally take away the sinful nature of man and break the bonds of habits,addictions,and such that we cannot do own our own.instantly supernaturally,on the spot….Many teachers,preachers and laymen miss out on this because of lack of information.Its easy to get an argement over this issue,mostly because people these days are so prideful they think they know more than the old time less educated back woods preachers.The fact is the

Pray for God’s wisdom, understanding, forgiveness and protection.

Am a single mother of two and recently started school….I need God’s wisdom and strength to understand what I read in school. For God to protect me and my kids through this trying moment as well as my family.

Divorce, Remarriage and Adultery

I think its important to discuss this issue of divorce, remarriage and adultery.

I've been shying away from this topic because its very difficult pastorally.

Can we be faithful to the Word of God, consistent and condone all kinds of remarriage situations which have arisen, many times among our own friends?

I hope we can.

But its good to be fully assured of what we believe.

The Bible does, after all, contain many precepts which are contrary to human standards and ways.

So lets get straight to the burning question:


As “Faith without Works is dead” likewise “Love without Action is dead”
Love is not Neutral, is not Passive, Love is always of itself Expressive, Active.
Love must be given, in order for it to become Love, it cannot be static, non-committal.
Love cannot be identified if, there is no expression of it?

A Palestinian State and Israel

Well the big news right now is that today the Palestinian Arabs are going to make an application at the United Nations for Statehood.

This could be the beginning of a new round of Big Trouble.

If it came down to a vote of countries, I would say there are enough countries that are controlled by muslims to get the 2/3 majority they need for this.

The only question is whether any of the countries on the United Nations Security council will VETO this proposal.

People are thinking the United States would be the one to do this.


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