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Answered prayer of where my spirit was headed after death!!!!

Hello , my name is Medgina. I am a christian who has been saved since december 2009. During church services in my Baptist church, my pastor would always say while preaching that someone who is on the right path with the lord, and has a true spiritual relationship with the lord will always be ready for death at any given moment and won’t be afraid. Everytime i would hear that, i would question my walk with God, because i was afraid and not ready for death.

Child Abuse

This terrible tale has come to my attention. Please will all that read this intercede for this child and all the other victims involved. We have to bind satan and his minions and have this little boy returned to his mummy.
Many will not read it as it is terrible and I remind you that closing your eyes to suffering is ungodly, but those of you who do read this, have an obligation to cry out to God on behalf of this child and this vile Norwegian practice.
I had a Norweigan boyfriend once and I am now not surprised at how he was after reading this.


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