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Witnessing to God

Hello, I’d like to share my testimony as well. Thank you for the opportunity. My testimony is an ongoing witnessing of God’s wonders, signs, answered prayers, lessons, etc. My original testimony and many others can be found here, Serious Things.

I’m so grateful for Christian brothers and sisters doing things such as this site, Christian Faith. Get the word out there. Love ya all,


Walking with Jesus since 4 years old

When I was younger I got excited about the stories in church about Noah, Jonah, Joshua and David and Gomorrah to mention a few.  I wanted to follow Jesus immediately he is so WONDERFUL!  Anyways I accepted him into my heart at the age of  6 years old and was picked on a little bit by brother and sister about loving Jesus.  Seemed for  years I was the only shining light for Jesus in the household and he was always at my side in the spirit helping me through all times.

A Quick Refutation of Darwinistic Evolution

I agree with what the Bible says concerning unbelievers. It says that they are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


Our modern western society, however, has come to a kind of popular consensus that there is no living God. For the humanists of today, God is merely a concept in the minds of the mentally weak and ignorant. To all such people I say: YOU are IGNORANT of the reality of God and you are WITHOUT EXCUSE.


My Testimony – Part VIII

I don’t have the right words to express my spiritual state in wilderness between November 2006 to June 2008 but in the Words of God I found Psalms that matches so well with me and they are Psalms 6, Psalms 13, Psalms 25, Psalms 26, Psalms 38, Psalms 39, Psalms 42, Psalms 51, Psalms 57, Psalms 63, Psalms 69, Psalms 71, Psalms 77, Psalms 86, Psalms 88, Psa

On My Way To Being Born Again . . . part-two

While channel surfing  I paused  to watch a story  about a New York mafia (crime family) boss who went for walks in pajamas and displayed all sort of bizarre behaviors. Despite the feds belief that his craziness was an act, they had been unable to gather enough evidence to convict him. That was when the idea of faking a head injury, to guarantee a super size settlement, first dawned on me.


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