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Home Schooling Lessons

My aunt and uncle have put together some different lessons for their many grandchildren, and we all thought it would be nice to share them with our readers. If you are home schooling, you might want to use these with your children some time!

OG 1 – Words and Idioms


True Story of Sumit Wuthikulcharoenwong




Story of Sumit Wuthikulcharoenwong


Founder of a Christian Retreat Center
in Omkoi, Chiangmai Province


written in Thai by Saisiri Bunditmahasan



Why can’t I get free?

I have known since 2001 that I was dealing with unclean entities. The Lord showed me this, no mistake.  I’m 64 and up untill this point in my life I just thought I was dealt a real cruddy hand in life.  A rain cloud followed me around.

Happy To Be Here

Hello To All,

I am truly happy to be here, I have found this to be a great site but even more than that i am happy to still be in the Land of the Living.  When life throw you sour lemons one after the other for years at a time there are moments when you are just happy to breathe without pain. 

Danger of the Tarot Cards


From being a teenager my mother and I visited Mediums, Psychics, Crystal Ball and Tarot Card readers.  We went to people’s houses for ‘sittings’ to contact the dead and receive messages.  We began to attend audiences where one of our favourite Mediums would be performing.  Mum wasn’t as enthralled as I was, and on hearing several Mediums saying to me – ‘You can do what I am doing’ – it encourages you to develop your ‘gift’.

No Weight: a Testimony of Deliverance

The Bible Study
Every other Monday evening I attend a really great Bible study at
Generations Church. Before we go into our time of study, we fellowship,
worship and pray. Two weeks ago, I remember asking for prayer for
deliverance. I didn’t know specifically what I needed deliverance from,
but I knew I needed it. Ironically (it’s just like God to do this) part
of our Bible study that evening involved deliverance. At the study, we
went through an exercise where we each wrote down our sins on a sheet of

August 25th,10am My Water Baptism

My friends and I met at a home church whereby a small pool in the backyard with rose petals was prepared.

After our greetings to one another, we gathered around the pool.  We spoke of our God and the meaning of this day. Then I stepped into the pool and I was dunked in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  It was over in seconds but I will remember the experience forever.

Pic of mission trip to India 2010, Missionary Geeta





Missions to India 2010, Pic. by Missionary Geeta



Missions to East Africa 2010 Missionary/Evangelist Geeta


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