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Muslim 3 year old girl taught to hate

All Americans will be Microchipped or Left to Die

I posted in an earlier article some months ago that the Mark of the Beast will come in through the Medical System. When I wrote this article I had no idea about how quickly this was likely to come in. Many people have been saying for years that the Mark of the Beast will come in the form of an implantable microchip. When governments view the people as “cattle” then it makes sense to keep track of their “assets”.


Sin is the most dangerous thing we have to face as human beings. It corrupts, it deceives, it destroys, it separates from God and His blessings. Sin brings a curse to you and everyone you love. It hurts people. The wages of sin is death – and hell, which is the Second Death.

Most people have a very incomplete understanding of what sin really is. This section of the site is included in the hope that the Holy Spirit will use it to help identify things which readers need to turn away from.

Coming New World Order Tyranny

In 1990 George H.W. Bush went public with the phrase “New World Order”. The planning for this Unification of Godless Rulers against the LORD and against His Anointed (Jesus the Messiah) has been going on for centuries. It was mentioned as early as the time of King David od Israel in Psalm 2. Its a modern day Tower of Babel – a mix of humanism and occultic religion penetrating all spheres of human activity – politics, government, education, media, the arts, business and religion.


Spirit of Harlotry – #3- The Harlot-part1

I am not going to preach long tonight because we have a fellowship afterward and the kids are going to get restless. But we are going to continue in this harlot teaching addressing the spirit of harlotry. And I do not know if I will get into it tonight, but I want to show you in the scripture that the harlot is a spirit. Okay! It is a spirit of harlotry. It mentions that spirit. So when I am talking about harlotry I am talking about a spirit of harlotry.

The Greatest Honor

There are many different honors in the world..

A husband and wife honor each other by respecting each other, by making decisions together and by being faithful to each other.


A child honors the parents by listening and obeying.


Parents honor their children by providing for them physically and spiritually.  They will make sure all the child’s needs are met before their own.


A worker honors his boss by good work ethics. 


People honor those of authority by obeying the law.


Spirit of Harlotry – #2- Harlotry vs Wisdom part2

Before I post this I just want to say diddo to the warrior daughter’s last comment!

Okay everyone, this is part2 of Harlotry vs Wisdom.


Part 2- Spirit of Harlotry- Harlotry vs. Wisdom

Spirit of Harlotry – #2- Harlotry vs Wisdom part1

     This second teaching my father did on the spirit of harlotry was so long I am going to break it up into two segments. Hopefully this will make it easier to go through.


What are you setting before your eyes?

What are you giving your eyes to? What are you feeding on? What is your spiritual diet? Whatever we watch, listen to, read is what we are feeding on. And based on what we are feeding on is what we become.

It is the same as in the natural world, if you eat good food, it becomes part of you and you feel good and do not get sick as easily. If you eat junk food, it also becomes part of you and the end result long term will be a sick body or even death.


The Word of God say:


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