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I have a few Pray requests

So the Vice President of our Church and one of the member of the Board of Elders were in a horrible car accident. The V.P Tony Grichnik was driving with Jim Kane in one of his old cars and he thought he saw something run across the street and they swerved and ran into a ditch. When they gained Consciousness they prayed and Jim forced himself out of the car and made his way to the road to get help. They Both have a broken a leg in 4 places and they are badly injured. So please pray for them.

So i made a mistake

Okay, so today at School one of my friends in Homeroom, brought a Satanic Bible and i made the mistake of reading one or two lines. After i stopped i felt like my eyes were burning and that Satan was about to throw everything he had at me. So i prayed to God to forgive me. But i still feel bad for doing it. What should i do, because i don’t want to lose this fight with Satan. Please help me out with any way possible

Obama Health Bill passes

Today the US House of Representatives passed the Obama Death Care bill. This bill will allow the Government to ration health care in the USA under a system in which all are FORCED to participate. The Government will have access to everyone’s bank accounts and be able to force doctors to do exactly what the government wishes at a government stipulated salary. The government will be able to force people to take medicine they do not wish to take, and to make plans for their death when it suits the government.

Leaving the Past Behind….

Amazed and saddened to see this day, but knowing that we have an eternal Kingdom and King to proclaim. Will seek to look forward and not be as Lot’s wife. The Lord endowed us with liberties, and we have not walked worthy of them. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Elaine’s Testimony – A lady from Namibia shares some of her experiences and revelations with God and demons

My name is Elaine and I am from Windhoek, Namibia. It was never so clear to me as it is now how the devil and his demons have been operating in my life, my children’s lifes and in my families’ lifes all these years and we never knew it. God is wonderful and I serve […]


I think I’m a christian. I’m a 16 year old male and i have a problem with porn and masturbation. I signed up for this because i think this is right for me and I want advice but I dont want to talk to my parents about it. I’ve prayed the prayer of salvation several times and sincerely want this addiction gone. But it hits me once every day. I long to follow christ but there is something in me that wants the addiction. I don’t know what to do. What do you guys think?

Don’t Loose The Devil

Jesus defeated the devil, he put him under his feet and told the church now he’s under your feet (Matthew 28:18,19). Jesus said he had all power(authority) now you go in that authority. He put you in his place while he is at the right had of the father. But instead it seems as though […]

Schizophrenia Healed


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My Story, by Andrew Goodwin

God Testing you

So if somebody really wanted to test there faith would they like ask God to do it or read something like the Satanic Bible. What would somebody do if they did that. I heard that if a Christian reads the Satanic Bible, that there is a very high chance of following it. So i want to know your thoughts on the topic

Yours Truly,
Will Smith

Lets run into God’s abundant grace!

Hear all peoples, the Lord, the Lord is One! Praise His most high name!
His living word is pure light, shining forth in illuminating brilliance in the darkness

Trust in the Living God, for He has all that we truly seek, He is good and we need Him, whether we know it or not!
Come all peoples, come to the Living One, in which there is refuge, joy, life, peace, safety, protection and true goodness.

God calls people to come into His grace, to take refuge in Him, in His grace. Everything else is loss.


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