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Why is God Malicious?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me why god is so cruel? I am having trouble understanding why god has created hell, or rather, why he would send so many of his creations there. I understand for some really bad things, but there are so many things in the bible that it is said one goes to ETERNAL PAIN, DAMNATION AND AGONY. Am i the only one who really realizes what that means? I mean, its no secret that at least some of how a person turns out is influenced by their environment.

Theology of ‘RAPTURE’

I have searched the Holy Bible, but I am not able to find the word “RAPTURE”. There is the word “RESURRECTION”. According to me, I consider ‘rapture’ and ‘resurrection’ in totally different view. I wonder, who brought the theology of rapture? Also it is a hot topic when we are approaching the end times. Rapture is a good news for believers as they think they won’t have to suffer till the last day, but does it align with the words in Bible where we see that believers need to endure till the need of times.

There is some good discussions on this website itself.


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