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My name is Delrae Lynn Adams I am new on this website, happy to be here.

Similarities to pagan religons?

Can anyone give me an in-depth explanation of why there are similarities between some pagan religions and Christianity? Like the virgin birth, similarities of moses’ story, the miracle of parting the water, baptism etc…

Hoping for a miracle

I’m currently in a huge financial problem. I helped my bf and i end up getting myself into huge debts with the banks and friends. We got cheated twice along the way.

Right now,I’m in a serious depression now and i don’t know what to do anymore. Everything doesn’t seems to go my way. Friends & banks calling almost every day for their money back and i can’t pay.

I wish and pray every night that GOD hears my prayers. I don’t think i can go on like this. Am mentally and physically stress out.

Please do pray for me that a miracle would come along to release me from all of this, soon.

Does Christianity give good answers to the questions of philosophers?

Philosophy deals with at least these three main questions:

1. What is it that really exists?
2. What should we do?
3. How can we really know anything for sure?

Philosophies that answer the first question are dealing in something called “metaphysics”. The second question is dealt with in the area called “ethics” and the third in the area called “epistomology”.

Every person answers these questions somehow.

Why “Sympathy for the Devil” is just plain wrong

The Rolling Stones years ago came out with a song “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Ministry of Condemnation versus Ministry of Righteousness

For if the ministry of condemnation had glory, the ministry of righteousness exceeds much more in glory. (2 Corinthians 3:6-8)
Here is another vivid contrast between living by the old covenant of law versus living by the new covenant of grace. God’s perfect law is a “ministry of condemnation,” which compels people to draw upon man’s sufficiency. God’s glorious grace is a “ministry of righteousness,” which allows people to draw upon God’s sufficiency.

When we try to live by the law, we walk in condemnation. When we try to minister by the law, we put others under condemnation.

I need help

Hi, Im new at this, I’ve been a christian my whole life….but a true believer for only a little while. Im 18 years old and I got offered a job to teach sunday school at my church. This is defintely something I want to do, I’m super excited about it. The thing is, I dont know if I should do it. I mean it may not be a super huge job, but Im afraid I dont have what it takes, or that it was a mistake that someone asked me ( i just started going to this church about a month ago) this whole time ive been going to church i spend my sundays in the nursery with my daughter helping out.


Many people are not sure if they need saviour or not. Many are so confused that they see things of God as “Controversial and complex to understand”. This is another lie from the enemy of God, who always seeks to misrepresent God as confusing being, and cruel judge seating on heavens; pointing finger of judgement on mankind. On contrary, thing of God are simple to understand and are presented as plain truth. They are so clear that everyone who is in search for truth, will find it. Let us now make journey through word of God to see whether Man need saviour or not and why!


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