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Demons Expelled

Today was the Last day of the great seminar Talking About how to Posses and reign through prayer! It have been wonderful but Just a glimpse of what happened today. As servant of God was praying for Young girls, Demons amnifested and demonstrated a lot! then I helped ushers to take the people to deliverance tent. You know what! I found too many demonized people in the tent and I have to stop going back to hear seminar to Help them in Casting out Demons.

The business went well and Jesus LIFTED HIMSELF.demons were cast out and girls were free!

True Praise and Worship

There is a lot of emphasis in churches today on praise and worship. The practical understanding that many people have of this subject is that praise and worship is the first part of a church service. We “warm people up” with some fast songs (praise) and then we sing some mellow songs of adoration.

Doing all this is fine but the 30 minutes or so usually allocated to this does not constitute a lifestyle of praise, nor a lifestyle of worship. Being a true worshiper of God is a lot more than this.

Hello fom Central Illinois!!!!

The Power of the Lord!!!

W.O.W. A generation of wraiths.

World of Warcraft(W.O.W) is a multiplayer, online, role playing Game in which players generate a fantasy character through which they enter a virtual world filled with occult symbolism, magic, monsters and mystery. It currently has 10 million users around the world.

It’s good to be here!

I got to this website while searching the web for revival stories. So far, all I have come across seem to be Holy Spirit led and faith building. I think, by the grace of God, I may turn out to be a regular participant in your forum and other activities. I would like to say hello to everyone out there. It’s good to be here.
God bless all of you for putting this site together. I pray that the LORD keep you steadfast and true and that you continue to grow in your faith and service to the LORD, in Jesus name.

Is the Bible all really easy to understand?

From time to time you will hear a preacher get up and say something like, “Actually the Bible is really easy to understand. Even a child can understand it. Its simple – we just make it complicated with our various theologies”.

This sounds good, and might encourage some to read the Bible – which would be a good thing, but there are a couple of important things we should observe.

Firstly, we need the Holy Spirit’s help to understand God’s message to us.

Holy blood holy grail..debunked.

In 1982, Michael Beigent published the book “holy blood, holy grail”. It is the story of how the author came across a mysterious secret whilst on holiday in France.

The mystery surrounded a priest by the name of Saunier who happened to stumble upon some documents hidden in his church.

Talmudic Judaism

It is difficult to criticise Judaism without being labeled anti-Semitic these days. The Anti defamation league is such a powerful group that it is almost written into international law that to cast any aspersions upon the Jewish people is highly suspect and that the offender must, by nature, be a Nazi sympathiser.

It is not my deliberate intention to criticise Judaism.

No obstacle too great-Miracle or Revelation

As a first time writer, I believe that I have written an extraordinary work of non-fiction, for I have truly lived an unimaginable life. There is nothing glamorous about this story, and I make no excuses, “No obstacle too great” invites you on a riveting roller coaster ride, as it’s a journey through a life that has been nothing short of a shattered and tormented existence, which in its wake of forty-six years, has transformed itself by the Grace of God, from the unimaginable, to the extraordinary.
“I have faced many obstacles throughout my life,and none of it really mattered !

Angels and demons

Do you believe it is possible for people to see and hear angels and demons?


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