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Deepak Mahtani – a successful Sindhi businessman comes to Christ

Deepak Mahtani was very successful as an entrepreneur and made it big in Europe. Even today he is a leading London based management consultant. What was it that caused him to believe in Jesus? Find out here.

A new business I’m getting into

Last year I completed my full license in real estate, so this year I have begun to work in my own business as a real estate buyers agent. Please pray the Lord’s blessing on this activity, which has the potential to help a lot of people “create wealth” while at the same time giving me the possibility to limit the number of clients I take on so that time can be given also to God’s work.

Testimnoy for Jesus

Testimony for Jesus

In this dream I had Jesus was in front of me and behind him was a group of people. These people were blurry and I could not make out any facial features or recognize who they were. They were all saying “Come On, Come On” and I could tell they wanting me to go where they were. In front of me was pure white that was everywhere with Jesus and the blurry people and behind me was pure darkness. I could feel there was something in the darkness, but I could not see anything for the black. All I knew was that I did not want to be anywhere near the darkness.


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