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Healing in Evangelism

Divine healing has a significant role in Christian evangelism today. In the areas of the world where the church is growing fastest – Africa, South America and Asia, divine healing is usually very conspicuous.

Medical Doctors Speak

A number of Australian medical doctors go on the record to talk positively about divine healing in the name of Jesus Christ.

Confession Of Sin As A Key

Explores the role of confession of sin – private and public, to the receiving of divine healing from the Lord Jesus.

Out of Agnosticism – Terry Blake

Terry Blake was an agnostic, but is now sharing his own experience with the Living Christ. Find out the miracles happened in his life.

My Lord the refiner

I looked back over my life recently and thought if I was ever to write a
book about my journey I would call it “My Lord the refiner, My Jesus the restorer.”

I have come to learn that even when you go through trials as a result of
living your life not within the will of God, he has the amazing ability to turn
these trials into a process of refining, preparing you for the perfect plan he has
for you.

I married my first boyfriend at the tender age of 19, I was five months pregnant.

The Story Of Doc Beckett

Read the story of Doc Beckett who spent over 25 years in prison, where he got saved in 1985.

Alison Rachel

Have a look at the story from Alison Rachel, currently living on the West Coast of Canada. This testimony is an example of the victorious power of Jesus Christ overcoming sin on the cross.

Hallelujah – What a Saviour

My name is Joe, and I live in Chatsworth, Ga. At 17, I asked Jesus to come into my heart, and I believe He did. But I never understood how to get Him into my LIFE until over 20 years later, at the age of 40. All those years I had been telling God what I wanted Him to do, and all that time, He’d been waitng for me to ask Him what He wanted ME to do.

Sherry Ruddick

This is the story of how Sherry grew up in an abusive dysfunctional family, and got into drugs. But Jesus appeared to her and changed her life, and gave her a wonderful family.

Church growth as an idol

As I was praying this morning I started to meditate on some fundamental questions with respect to our modern religious practices.

Amongst those who believe that true religion matters, there are many different belief systems and religious organizations.


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