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Great things he must suffer

This tells the story of brother Yun’s arrest in China.

Out of Alcohol and Bad Habits

I am Thomas from Idukki.

Four years back I was attracted by the love of Jesus.

At that time, I was seeking for happiness and peace from alcohol and other bad habits but I failed. I was in such a worse condition that I tried to suicide for many times.

But my almighty God was not ready to leave me. He saved me from my bad habits and today I am very glad to say that Lord has blessed me with his love and peace and also with a very good job.

Now I am very happy with my wife and three children and God has allowed me to spend time for proclaiming the His word also.

Healed through Jesus only

My name is Suseela and I am from Kerala.

I used to keep away from prayers before I met Jesus. he came to my life through a healing.

I had a growth in my stomach but our financial situation was too bad that I couldn’t do anything to remove that. The doctors asked me to get ready for an operation. They were saying that there is no other way to remove the same.

I went to many churches and prayed to many saints. At last I lost my faith in all of them. I suddenly changed my mind and decided to focus only to Jesus Christ.

Muslim girl finds Christ

My name is Baby and I was born in a Muslim family in Malappuram.

Though our religion taught me that there is only one God and he loves us, I never experienced that love. I never got satisfaction or peace from there.

After a few years, I was married to a person named Satish. We had faced a lot of difficult situations after the marriage and it was really a worse time I ever had.

Our problems became more and more difficult and we decided to suicide. At that time, we happened to shift to Ernakulam and Jesus Christ showed his love on us.

Saji Joseph – Answered Prayer

I am Saji Joseph from Nechoor. I am writing this with great joy in my heart. I would like to write down the great miracles happened in my life by the mercy of God.

In 2003 August, my daughter, who was only 4 months had a disease in her eyes. I was also in search of a job at that time. I was in a depressed condition. I turned to Jesus Christ and prayed for my needs.

The following miracles happened after a few months because of God?s grace :

On 3rd January my daughter was healed completely by the mercy of Lord Jesus. Doctors had asked us for an operation for this disease on January.

Student finds help through prayer

My name is Reena George and I am doing final year M.Sc. Bio-informatics. But unfortunately I failed in my Statistics Paper and I was so depressed and cried a lot.

My re-sitting Exam commenced on 2nd August at 3 p.m. I prayed and with the courage God gave me I went to attend my exam.

On that day, there was a bible message in TV at 2 p.m. My grand parents, especially my grand mother hears the message everyday. After the preaching there was a prayer session and the preacher prayed that an old lady is crying for her grand daughter who is going to write her exam.

Mary comes out of religious emptiness to Christ

My name is Mary and I was born and grew up in a Catholic family.

I attended the church services regularly, prayed to saints, obeyed the rules, followed the traditions .. however, I felt an emptiness in my heart.

One day, I happened to attend a prayer meeting. The praise and worship was so powerful that I couldn’t explain. I experienced the presence of God there. I felt like something is being filled in me.

I left the Catholic church and get baptised and I never turned back to the catholic rules and traditions again.

Mani Iyer – Orthodox Hindu turns to Christ

Here is the wonderful healing testimony of mani V Iyer who is from a Hindu Brahmin family. Though his wife was baptised, he was not ready to listen to her words .. finally … he turned to Jesus Christ .. Lets have a look at his story .

Saved from an Accident

My name is Urumees and my home town is Angamaly in Kerala.

God has done a great miracle which I would like to share with you all.

I along with my wife were travelling to Angamaly, which is my home town. As we were approaching, the traffic signal in front the junction at Kalamassery seemed as RED means to stop the vehicle and wait for the next signal to move. I stopped my car and was waiting for the signal.

Then I heard a voice and at the same moment our car was pushed forward by another vehicle. Our car reached at the middle part of the road and moved to another side.

Satish Kumar

My name is Satish Kumar and I am from Nilambur.

I never got a chance to know Jesus because I was born in a Hindu family. But before a few years, I experienced his great love through a small bus accident.

At that time, I felt like being alone and I was mentally disappointed. And when I decided to turn my heart to Jesus, my heart became filled with his peace.

I realised that, no one else can love me as my God. He is protecting me as a father protects his child. Now I am living for him and within him.


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