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Free to Live

Liesl Alexander was an atheist who grew with an alcoholic mother. She started to hate life and feared everything. See how wonderfully she was touched by Jesus.

Left to die – but healed by Jesus

Eric Eickholt was attacked by some people and they hit on his head. He was not expected to live. But .. he got saved by the prayer and faith of his girlfriend Joanna.

Healing Prayer Request

Please, pray for healing over my body. I have a lot of things wrong with my body right now and I have faith that God can heal me. Thank you everybody.


I am from South Africa and glad to see there is still places where Christians come together. Blessings to one and all

bad relationships

Breaking up is hard to do. Even when one has to break up with a non-believer. He’s a great person, just doesn’t want anything to do with God, or Jesus. Oh, and he says Religion and Christianity are the same thing. How could I have allowed my emotions to get wrapped into this person? I don’t know, which is the disturbing part. I can only guess that I could be a witness to him. I think it’s called missionary dating.

Pinkytee77’s Blog

Today is April 2, 2007

This is my first entry into my blog. I have been studying this site for a few days now and have really found it to be a place of great study, peace, and hopefully interraction. I began a fast yesterday. I am praying and fasting for some very special reasons right now. This is the first time I ever fasted to the Lord. I am looking to become closer and more intimate with my Father and I am also praying for a number of important things. It is day 2 of my fast and I have to admit that I already feel a little more connected to God already.

I’m New and just wanted to say “Hi!”

I found this site a few days ago and I am so excited! I love to read the bible
and learn as much as I can about God and my Lord Jesus! This site is so great
at explaining things to me that I have been curious about. I have also been looking
for a way to communicate with other believers! I am very happy to have found this
site and look forward to reading and learning everything that I can as well as meeting and talking with other christians as well!
Love to you all,
I will be updating my profile and such when I have a little more time!

Prophecy about Indonesia

Last sunday, in the church I attend, the reverrant is giving this passage in Bible a prophecy, he said that this prophecy is about our country.

Need Prayer to Break All Curses Against Me And For Finances /Job /And or Business


Thank you for this site!

I have lost my wife to ovarian cancer about 3 years ago. Doris loved children and taught second graders in a Christian school. Yet Doris and I could never have any children. I have been out of work for a few months now. I lost two jobs because someone said something they should not have. Both bosses praised my work a day before loosing the jobs. I am deep in debt and credit card companies are sueing me.

I have run many failed businesses.


Pray for me i forwarded my application to source foreign currency (£169) on Formal Market for my ACCA exam fees but its now Six months nothing is on sight my due date is 15 April 2007.


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