“You’ve seen” song

As God was ministering to me today, He gave me a song to help me and others heal from past hurts. This is a song of healing and letting go for those who loved and were not treated right in the process, let LOVE heal you and continue to love because there is a book in heaven recording all your love acts for future reward and because your identity is in being a child of LOVE, therefore your nature is to love. You won’t regret it in that day. 

The audio file is here:

(forgive my lack of musical skill, but I felt that the song will be a blessing to people’s hearts and it was more important to release it to people than to find a perfect voice for it first)

and the words below: 


You are love
And love takes a risk
To express itself
To pour itself out.
As You loved
You taught me to love
So I’ll pour myself
As a love offering for You.

You’ve seen
And You care X 2
When no one else notices
When no one else cares
You’ve seen
And You care.

As I loved 
Sometimes I got hurt
But so did You
And You paid the love price with joy
So I’ll keep loving for You
No matter what comes
No one will take this joy from me.


I have done it for You
And I leave it with You
The fruit in my account 
It’s enough for me
For God, You are love
And I am Your child
I’ll imitate You
For the rest of my life

You always see
You always care X 2
You’ve seen 
And You care
Yes, You care.

Hope it is a blessing to you.

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