Would you Like to Reach the World?

Dear friends in Christ,

Time is RUNNING OUT for us to freely, easily and effectively share the gospel to the nations of the world. As we get closer to the end, things are going to get more difficult – not easier. Surely some of the news, especially alternative news, would confirm that things are not going to be business as usual.

This is why I urge you to consider partnering with us to bring the gospel to the nations of the world – IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGES.

There are a number of ways you can do this.

1. Donate money.  I'm being honest about this now. We have proven ways of bringing a stream of the Word of God to people for ridiculously low prices. But there still is a price. The message is free but the delivery still costs. For years I have supported myself while funnelling spare cash and profits into the gospel. I encourage you to do the same. We do know something about how to do it – chiefly through television and the internet. We depend on God to be able to continue this.

We need money for:

* Translating quality materials into different languages and publishing them.

* Content Creation

* Banner Ads, SEO, Social Media and Other Marketing Strategies

See the Paypal button on the right if you wish to do something practical about this.

2. Create Content and Share It. Perhaps you have messages from God that burn in your heart and you must do something to share those messages with the world. OK. Write them down. Or make videos. Or both. Please upload content to this site after registering as a user. Do you have a testimony? Are you saved? Tell the world about it!

Those who are producing quality content will be able to have improved privileges on this site – e.g. dofollow links to YOUR home page.

If you have made videos of quality that you would like shown on Cable TV in India, contact me and we will do it. We may be able to do it free of charge, or we may ask you to pay a small fee for this massive exposure. In any case, you will be reaching millions of precious people and impacting lives forever!

Remember that we are also interested in Christian content in other languages besides English. This brings me to the next point.

3. Translate Content. If you are fluent in a language besides English you can really help by translating messages from English into that language, or even from that language into English! Do you have time to do this? It could be a great contribution to the kingdom. See: some people would have time only if they are paid for the work. I understand this, which is why we are also asking people to consider donating money. There might be people living in other countries that would do this well for money at rates that we cannot live on in the western world. Or you might wish to do it as a service for God.

Folks, we have to reach the people who do not speak English! This is why I have set up some other websites like la-fe.org and jiduxingyang.com. This is why we are broadcasting in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and other languages where we can. We want to broadcast in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and whatever languages we can. But it requires people who can get messages in those languages and make them available.


Please Do Something

People are perishing today because they have not heard of their danger, nor of God's mercy, nor of the cross of Jesus. Or if they have, they never saw a witness of the real power and reality of God in action through prayer. Also, Christians are falling away – perishing – for lack of knowledge, and for lack of encouragement through the trials they face.

We'd love to do something together, but even if you don't want to co-operate with us, PLEASE DO SOMETHING FOR THE GOSPEL AS YOU CAN. Do it NOW.  

If you are not set up to do something now independently or with another trusted ministry, consider investing something in partnership with us for Eternity.


I want to hear from you. Contact me on Facebook and tell us how you want to go forward.


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