I had a question brought to me today, one that I really did not know how to answer. I can not remember the exact wording but I understand the meaning.
There is sin in heaven. I of course laughed at that since it is supposed to be a perfect place but then the explanation came.
God is all knowing all seeing all powerful. Then why would one of his greatest angels rebel. How could it be possible. He did so thats clear. Was he stupid? I do not of course know but lets take it for no. So why would he? He knows he is going to fail right? Lets look at that, he is very old in comparison to one of us. He knows God personally and is very powerful. So that means maybe he is special but still should not be able to commit sin in a perfect place ruled by a perfect being.
This causes the problem. It is either possible that God could have been dethrowned or he was incompetent. I do not believe the former so I do not understand why he would try. Then since trying would be a sin in any view of the biblical laws how.
This is why I am stumped. Someone please give me a good answer, and no the answer because God wanted it to happen will not work and neither will it is part of his master plan. I already used those and there were very good answers to both. I need a real substantive answer please.

Thank you!

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