Word for Australia on 26th of January, 2017

As I was enjoying being with God today, I felt surprisingly He started to give me a word for Australia. He said:
I am bringing people from many nations to this land. Stop sitting by the sidelines and commenting, whether you are pro or against, but rather roll up your sleeves and sharpen your sickle, because I am bringing them here for harvest.
Your mission is Isaiah 45:6:
“That they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting that there is none besides Me.”
I am bringing them here also to stir up to jealousy those in this land who do not know Me.
Those who will be ministering to the nations I am bringing in this land, will be blessed in their work and it will multiply.
I do warn you though to continue to pray for the plots setup by those who want to harm this land to be uncovered by police and stopped. As you pray, many plots will come to nothing, much harm will be avoided, though some harm will happen and this will stir the nation to consider Me and the afterlife.
(I then had a vision with a rainbow arching from one side of Australia to the other, as if embracing it. Then the Lord spoke again:)
This is My land and in time I will prove it. Do not be discouraged and don’t let your heart fail because of what you don’t see happening yet.
This land is destined for revival. Pray incessantly that its destiny comes to pass.
The key is to keep on moving closer to Me in your heart and to keep interceding diligently.
I am with you and will bless the work of the hands of those who follow My plan, My plan for their individual life and My plan for the ministry I have appointed to them. Lift up your eyes and see the rainbow over this land.
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