There have been several times when I have just written a blogs from my heart without reading or trying to hunt the meaning behind what I was writing. And one person whom I will not Name, but I will call him a Pharasee has written repeatedly and told me off. I am aware of what I wrote and the questions I Ask! I don’t ask to teach, I Ask to learn. I often times ponder what God inspired people to write in certain parts of the Bible and often times people send me the most awe inspiring answers. Why does this man get angry that I write some word wrong or miss Quote? Least I am trying to learn and am asking questions, Why resent me for that. If I couldn’t read and was still a born again believer, would I not still have the right to ask questions and would I get the quotes wrong at Times? I Know saying he is a Pharasee is harsh, yet it is far less harsh than he has been to me. And I have let my pride get in the way of my learning and writing, for the Ms messes with my eye sight and I don’t read as well as I used too. so my Tablet does much of the reading for me. plus my memory is fading, but these are problems that I am trusting Jesus to help me to overcome. The fact that I let my ego get in my way of my learning and let somebody bully me, instead of just telling them to stop it. really upsets me. So I plan on learning a whole bunch more, and if I get it wrong, i am sorry, I don’t memorize well, nor see well, so I dictate to my Tablet and it writes. Call me what you will, but I love our Lord and want to know him better. And sir, are you even a believer in God or are you just someone who Likes to talk down to Others?

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