Why I do what I do

At my very core I am convinced that there is a God and that He has revealed Himself in history through Jesus Christ. There is plenty of historical evidence, and testimonial evidence for the reality of Jesus Christ. I’ve never seen Him personally, though I know quite a few people who claim to have seen Him. And these people seem to be pretty consistent in their witness of Jesus Christ.

I have experienced the power of God in my life and have witnessed miracles worked through my own hands that I have virtually no intellectual understanding of. These works have happened in the name of Jesus and have normally followed the preaching of the Bible. I believed well before I ever witnessed such works, but since Jesus taught us we could expect these things (Mark 16:17-20) I have sought to know their reality in my life, because I believe they are part of God’s method to reveal the truth of Jesus to others.

And if the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible are true, then we should do our utmost to convince others. If we care about people at all, we have to warn them of the judgment to come, of which the Bible speaks in no uncertain terms. People need to see both the goodness and the severity of God. God is good, He is holy – He wants the best for us and He can’t stand the sin which is destroying people everywhere. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Spiritual death. I deserve this death and all people everywhere are just like me in this respect. It doesn’t matter if someone is better or worse than me – they still fall short of God’s standards. I have to say based on my understanding of Scripture that God loves justice and righteousness even more than he loves us. God won’t become evil or unjust so as to spare us from punishment. He has done everything possible consistent with justice and righteousness to get us out of our predicament. He paid for our sins Himself, and offers forgiveness to those who truly put their lives in His hands and believe/trust in Him. He has done all He could to save us, without compromising his eternal holiness, justice, purity and hatred for evil.

If this is the case, and Bible-believing Christians certainly believe this, then surely we are called upon to do all we can to propagate this message in the most convincing ways possible. Our prayers, our meditations, our words and our actions must all serve the purposes of God and His gospel. To neglect this is to either disbelieve the gospel message or to be indifferent (i.e. unloving) to our neighbours – the people around us. It is a horrible neglect when it results in someone losing their eternal soul. Some comfort themselves by trying to put all the responsibility for evangelism on God while they watch their favourite TV programmes, but I think in the end this will prove to be a deception. The Bible teaches us to get our minds fully prepared for action. We have get into shape. There is a spiritual war on.

If it wasn’t so, I am sure I would just focus on my own entertainment. Others may be more noble – they focus on their family, their friends, or some good cause in the world. But if we are Christians we are called to honor God by being godly, becoming like Christ, and helping others (even non-believers) to be so – by preaching the gospel to them anyway and anyhow.

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