Why can’t I get free?

I have known since 2001 that I was dealing with unclean entities. The Lord showed me this, no mistake.  I’m 64 and up untill this point in my life I just thought I was dealt a real cruddy hand in life.  A rain cloud followed me around. I won’t go into great detail here, but it’s fair to say that nothing I have ever done, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get ahead.  My money was ALWAYS taken away or blocked from me.  Always in a financial bind, almost being destroyed financially on more than one occasion.  I can never get ahead-always struggling financially, laying awake at night, not knowing how to face the next day.  I have lost major amounts of money. 

I have traveled many miles, seen many people, prayer warriors, spiritual people, I learned of the unclean spirits, and learned of self deliverance, I’ve gone through cleanings, I have dealt with generational curses—my Dad, brother, sister and me opressed, but they have all died not knowing what they were dealing with, I have a nephew that is chocking with the same, but I can’t get close enough to him to try and help.  He hates me, period. 

I’ve gone through every process I know of to get free.  I’ve had some sucessess, but one spirit has told me he was not leaving, I believe it is the mammon spirit, due to the financial problems that continue to control me.  I can’t find a church, it seems that something always occurs that stops me from finding a church.  So I’ve virtually given up on organized religion, and tried to seek other alternatives to hear God’s spoken word, thought I had met with some sucess but this too has been taken away.

I know this posting sounds, so mechanical, but I’ve lived with this for all my life, last 10 years of knowing and trying to get free from it.  I have left all the hellest stories out of this, why bore anyone with all the self pity that these stories would create.  Pity, I’m not looking for, FREEDOM I’m desprately seeking.  At 64, I’m truly wondering–will I die like my Dad, brother, sister never to be free,  If this is my plight—Why did God allow me to know what I was dealing with—nothing makes any since.


I am a cristian, totally surrendered to God, read the Bible, yearn for the spoken word, pray incessently–but I recognize that I’m a very, very angry man –angry because I don’t know why I can get free, I struggle with all that this incurs.


Can anyone feel any connection to my plight–offer any thoughts, answers.  God Bless, and Thanks for reading.

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