Why am I here?

I get accused of making posts in christian forums that reflect my atheist stance because I’m really there looking for god. That my attacking their beliefs is really down to my unmet need for god’s love.

Why do I feel the need to make posts in opposition camps about religion? I’m not sure. It started with a letter to my local paper when I was 15 about the requirement for schools to hold a religious assembly every day, something I believe they are still required to do. Some replies were, “One only has to look at the flowers and the trees to know there is a god” and another reader blamed my lack of belief on “All the shameful sex and violence we see on TV”.

The internet has really opened up the debate and is bringing atheists together and channeling the evidence in ways that were not possible before. Organised faith has its wealth, heirachy, media spin and hype. Religion is big business. Look at the catholic church. What about the “please donate now” pastors?

So why do I challenge their comfort zones? Possibly because I want to develop my challenging skills, to get them to look at things from a different angle, I’m not sure.

It scares me that there are adults out there who believe in Adam, Eve and a talking snake, that a God made everything and listens to our prayers before deciding to ignore them.

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