When to Pray, and When to Meditate on God’s Word

God's plan is that we pray in such a way that we get answers to prayer. Rote prayers prayed in a parrot fashion will not really satisfy the heart of God. Our hearts need to enter into prayer. God is also looking for faith. Without faith we cannot please God. When we pray, we need to be having the attitude that we are going to get the things we are asking for.

But at times we are unable to do this. So then what? Rather than carry on with faithless prayers, it is time to really listen, meditate and consider God's Words. You never know what effect listening to and meditating on God's promises in the Bible will have on you until you actually do it.

We need to listen and wait before God so we can get a promise from God from the Bible that is quickened to our hearts. Then we have something to go on.

Then we can pray according to the promise we received from God. After that, even if things seem to be getting worse according to our five senses, we are going to need to persist until the moment of God's favor comes and the answer manifests.

God tells us to believe that we have received – even when it doesn't look like it. When we are in faith according to the Word of God, then the answer is on the way. Its just a matter of persisting with expectant confidence and settled trust until the answer manifests. God is able to do anything – even the seemingly impossible!

God is able to give you a job after months or years of unemployment.

God is able to get people to give you money for God's work even though it hasn't happened much until now!

God is able to cure you of incurable diseases.

God is able to save your family. He wants all men to come to repentance.

Don't give up! God is a rewarder of faith. It is this faith which is not based on observation of the circumstances but instead on a confidence in God's character and what He has said – it is this faith which pleases God greatly.

The answer will come. If you can't pray in faith right now, give God a chance to speak to YOU first through His Word.

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