what Satan dont want you to know

i have wanted to share my testimony with others about how GOD has transformed my life from the most darkest of times to finally finding the Truth beneath all the lies and deception Satan will use to trap Anyone into his Lair. At first i was like ” oh Debra how can you tell everyone about all the bad you did ?” ” wont that make you look bad in others eyes?”
but it was not so much my guilt feelings and shame but Satan dont want people to know what GOD can do in a person and he was keeping me from telling people because of the Same . Now at the age of 46 i have can you young kids say ” been there Done it ?” from the drinking ,the drugs , to the dancing and walking into utter darkness trying to find peace in “Dark things of this world ” i was even into reading the Tarot cards and started my own business online making lots of money
entertaining “familiar spirits ” as the mediums call them . It went even deeper into runes and spell casting .

i was a mess
all the things i was raised Not to do i did
and at the time i thought it was harmless
the alcohol the weekend binges till i would be so sick
and trying to find love in all the wrong places
when all i needed was Jesus in my life.

i ran from my hurt
ran from my anger of the divorce
ran from people telling me what to do
ran from responsibilities
ran from the Truth and hid behind the “bottle ”
the tonic of posion that was slowly killing me

days i would go without the need to drink
and the weekend would come aroound and sure enough
people “peers ” would intice me ‘ oh come on lets go party ” its friday
it wont hurt

finding myself always around alcohol
the bars were my home

the dancing and the bar became my home
the other girls would talk to me
tell me their problems and not a one of them danced cause they
loved it
some were abused as a child or molested
some were from broken families
or alcoholic parents
some lost children to the drinking
some lost lovers and even husbands to the lifestyle
i would listen to them cry and say ” if only i knew a better way ”
beneath the high heels and the makeup the lights and the spotlight focusing on me me me was more than a cry for help

in every nighclub there is drugs ! dont let the clean business thing fool ya
i have seen from cocaine to hard herione
girls sitting on the toilets shooting up till show time
sniffing coke to dead the pain
the money would seem good at times , but always in the end you
owed someone the bartender got his share , so did the dj
and the owner !
after the night was over some days i would be left with 60$ in my hand as i would be on that dance floor 16 hours !
we were like cattle shoved through the motions “next ” the ower would say and they didnt care if you was sick or had a death in the family
“YOU DANCED ” or else out the door you went
the men that would come in
would pay for private dances ” i will say no more about that
it was not what you thought as a dance was more than meets the eye
i never took up their offers i always felt weird and would stay
behind the other girls and lose the extra money they
would wave in my face !

i worked with ladies 30s, even late 40s with kids to raise
and they would spend all day on that floor
just to have someone wave a dollar at them !

people seem to think its all fun and games in a night club
when its one step away from the porn industry !
sex sells
and yes its in the night clubs
from the most glittery in Vegas to the holes in the ground in Ohio
where i worked
there is nothing good about it

Satan wants to use that body that God created for his Glory
to ruin you
he will make it look so glamorous and fun
but he is behind the scenes waiting to add more than the dance to your routine
the drugs, alchol the sex and even try to put you in harms way

my last word of advice is
dont think the exotic dancing industry is harmless
i had a good friend named SKY in Ohio
that was only 18 when she decided after a few drinks to take off with a customer and
they found her dead in a dumpster .

Please if you know someone that is thinking of doing this kind of work
please tell them my story
i dont want to see another child that could be living for Jesus
end up in hell for eternity

I am not ashamed to tell my story
let Satan be Exposed for his little white lies
and the deception he puts these girls and even men through

God bless you and
keep you in his love always


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