what kind of spirit are you talking through?

I do not know what is happening on this site. I have met some very beautiful people here however, Lately I have seen some stubborn spirits, I ask anything and am treated as though the person thought I was belittling or trying to embarrass the person asking Whom I asked the question. I would ask you all to take me as I am. I am just a simple woman. I have no ulterior motive to harm anyone nor would I want to. I have been very grieved from a discussion that seemed to become mean and harsh in words. It deeply bothered me, because , I felt it was in bad form and it had an unkindness from each side. I am as all here a child of the most high God. Please understand that I never would treat anyone with rudeness not spite. Maybe some think me silly, but I am here seeking the Lord and to love my neighbor. All the opinion I really care about is that of my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Love your sis in Christ Jesus and I will put you in my prayers. Amen

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