What God is doin for me!!

I am new to this site, read a few thing and throught it was good ! Just a little about myself and how My faith has helped me in the past and present. I am 45, was married for 9 years but now Divorced that was 13 years ago. I have 2 lovely grown up children girl 22 and boy 20. I used to go to church when in girl guides when young but never took it seriuos. Then when kids were small a neibour  asked if I wanted to go to a Church of England with her and her kids, so did went there for about 7 years, when 1 easter I was thinkin I dont feel right goin to another service there it was not meanin anything and I wanted more out of the services than that church could give me, at the time my Dad was goin to a Methodist church up the road, and the Lord spoke to me to go there that easter instead so I did and loved it and got alot out of the service, have been goin there for about 8 years and have seen my faith in God grow and grow, he has help me in so many ways, I Pray to Him all day every day. The most resent thing he has lead me to do is to change from work in a shop where i worked for 3 years, where i had a few problems and not enough hours. I prayed and my church prayed for a more worthwhile job with more hours and my prayers  were answered, he lead me and gave me the conferdence to get a job ( one I said I would never want to do by the way, but God had other plans) !!!, I now have been a Care Assaisant at a Care Home for the Eldery for a year on December the 4th!!, I know God wants me to sever and care for these people I ask for his help before each shift and can tell when I am doin it in his strenght and then in my own !  I am trustin in him each day for all mine and my Familys need and LOVE and Thank him for every thing!!! I hope u all have enjoyed this!


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