WestBoro Baptist Church

I dont know how to explain the anger and hatred for that church. They do not know to follow Christ and love each other. They preach hate against Homosexuals and Preach Hate against the Great United States of America. I dont know how to express what i feel. They make signs saying “Thank God for 9/11” and “God hates Fags”. Also “Thank God for Katrina and IEDs”. Where is the Love and the and the Patriotism in this. They Dont know what being a Christian means. If they Hate America so much that they protest everything, then they should go and move to somewhere like Somalia or North Korea. There they can preach hate against the United States and Gays. They also will be killed for being “Christians” if that is what you want to call it. If you dont want to live in the Greatest Country in the world then move, we could care less if you left. Because of that Church, that is what gives christians bad names. Christ is Love and preaches Love. To LOVE your neighbor and LOVE your country. Not preach hate against them. TRUE Christ followers are loving and caring and loves everyone as themselves. They either need to get their heads straight and stop doing what they are doing. or move to a different country where they love preaching hate against the U.S.A. America could care less if you left. Frankly i think that we will happy if they leave. We could care less about what you have to say, we dont care that you hate homosexuals and america. We care that you aren’t preaching Christ and his teachings. We care that you protest Christian festivals. We Care that you arent living your life as Christ said to live. We dont care about what that church thinks. We dont care that you hate anybody that is not from the united states. Live your life with love and not hate. Live your life with Patriotism and not Hatred for your country. Please just stop preaching and protesting. It will make our lives so much better if they stop preaching. God loves everyone and even you. Love each other like Christ did for you. Christ died for you and me and for everyone in the world and in the past and in the future. Why cant you just love like Christ.  Christ Loves you.

I am done now

Greator love know no more than this, that he lay down his life for his Brother


With God’s Love


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